Small forest wildflowers

I left the house because the weather was very sunny today so I went into the forest looking for insects around my house when I saw a wild flower which was very interesting.

I took some pictures of these wildflowers in a slightly different style and I will post them in this communication to show you what they are all about in this community.

This flower has a yellow and yellow color, like saffron, of course it is very beautiful to the eye when we see it, with different styles and positions the picture is taken, it will look very beautiful, so come on, friends, let's look at these pictures in our beloved community. This.

Hopefully you can be entertained.


Bunga kecil yang indah.

Those look familiar 😅 these are very common wild flowers I guess.

!giphy great

@sagarkothari88 vote

Yes, we find this very often.

Wildflowers are always the prettiest. These are really lovely shot.


Thank you very much for praising me, I'm getting more enthusiastic.

More enthusiasm equals more amazing picture:)

Have a lovely day.

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