Fabric for my home pant arrived and ... / 家ズボン用の布が届いて ...

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Last week I was developing an idea to make an ideal home pant.

Brainstorming my home pant

Fabric arrived from my favorite organic fabric store, Siebenblau in Berlin. I remember good old time in Berlin I could visit the store whenever I want. It was just few tram stop away from my place.

As I rarely order fabric online, I felt a bit nervous waiting for its arrival. I had nothing to worry about. It was exactly what I was expected. Casual less shiny velour fabric 😊

Organic Cotton Velour Fabric Black, GOTS-certified - Siebenblau Shop for Organic Fabrics

The pattern is a sarouel-ish pants, which is made of a sarouel pant pattern on my favorite sewing book. I cut the fabric carefully.


Now it's time to sew the pant. I do it time by time over the week in between house work and desk work.

.................... just before I started writing this post, my other leggings had a big hole 😱


It is 4 years old. I pulled the old fabric too strongly when I wear it ... I have a lot of reasons to solve my leggings problems 😉





Good timing for your fabric to arrive just as you get another hole! I hope your pants turn out beautifully, but I'm sure they will, as you are so good at sewing clothes!

It was an interesting coincidence ;) I wish I don't waste the nice fabric ... The style should be fine as I tested the pattern with other fabric before already.

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Sewing leggings is interesting - never thought about that. I don't like most store bought tights or leggings due to my short legs, perhaps I should try it.

I like loose pants than leggings these days. So it'll be a sarouel-ish pant. I only bought few tights in Germany but ja, they are long for me ....... I buy some in Japan and bring them to Germany as a souvenir ;)