Blowing The Creative Lid Off! (And staying grounded!)


Beautiful and generous, supportive and enthusiastic Special Friends,


We are finishing week two of my now-dearest-soulsister friend 's creative visit to The Arthouse in south Italy: we have immense heaps of clothing all round, and are buzzing and stitching multiple garments, making alterations and repairs, and planning our first (slow) fashion show... next week??


It is incredibly enriching to have a co-creative artist in my home; it is so much easier to move forward in every sense, and to have ideas blossom and thrive, rather than peter-out and flop!!

DSC_0008 (copia).JPG

DSC_0010 (copia).JPG

We have been weaving and visioning about it for just a couple of days, but already we have the sense that setting up a spontaneous event would be imminently possible. I love how much energy is freed-up by having four hands instead of two, two minds playing and dancing, two spirits expressing and manifesting: the energy is exponentially increased and activated. I recognise where I have been dulled at the edges, accepting limitations or imagining impossibility - it is VERY refreshing to instead be diving into the literal infinity of possibility, when there are two equally bright imaginations collaborating: the cosmic aperture opens, and the spirit-full juju POOOUUURRRSSS in!


My sense of wanting to travel is also suddenly widening: I've been feeling that I needed to be super-rooted in this old town in Italy, and even superficially worrying about the resources I 'don't have' - which would ultimately allow me to get a big journey underway. I'd never have had the confidence to step out of my comfort zone (just sewing and sewing, never presenting or selling, and thus never expanding my horizon!!) if there wasn't someone egging me on - widening the conversation and tripping happily forward into what would be most beautifully and succinctly good for us all...


Our sewing has become more confident - and wild! - and free! I look back at the first garments I made in recent years, and remember how tight my energy was around them, sitting hunched over my machine, arguing with the threads, and generally feeling defeated before I began... Thinking back now, too, to earlier times when I sewed, freely and spontaneously, but no-one was encouraging me - throughout education being criticised banal-ly and told that I was inferior, that I shouldn't be what I Am, and that I 'should' instead do what they think I should do... Pffffff! It is amazing how long these dull words and directions can sit with us - quelling the productive power and the vibrant trajectory that we are SUPPOSED to be inhabiting!


And so... the blanket coat!


I just took some nice photos down in the street below my house, of the very-almost-finished coat: I am really really really pleased about how she turned out... and perhaps she needs a good silk (or similar) lining to neaten it all up.


The last aspects were the collar, the sleeves, the lower border, and the re-stitching of the back seams: a lot of that was a lot of hard graft, pushing edges together which in places were clumping quite intensively - it is thick wool, and quite a loose knit.


Overall, the combination of texture, colour and weight have been a joy to play with, even with all the fiddling and wrestling it took to make it into this form!


I love how every garment I make is a new thing entirely - a new fabric and a new adventure in learning... There is perpetually less effort involved, and each piece I create has a more harmonious vibe, as I holistically master the materials.


This is Living In Gift! The Divine Inheritance of being able to work with our hands-and-heart, without any external pressure or limiting influence; the purity of immersion in our True Nature as Creator: letting it just flow, and being at peace without ego...


Though there seem to be near-continuous moments of delicious perfection, Instagram-able treasures of light-colour-atmosphere - nevertheless, we are immersed and it is not all for sharing.


I felt a huge pressure throughout my life, to EXPOSE myself: initially as an Art-ist, but then through social media and mailing lists and the like: 'having to' bare oneself in an unnatural way, in order to be 'valued' - though this often wasn't the case! Often, the kinds of attention I was getting, were very negative - and this has worsened as time is passing.


Now, I am super-selective about where and how I share, and much of the magic that happens in my LifeWork goes on behind closed doors. Not having to explain myself: just showing a window and a snapshot of the creative expansion which thrums and vibrates in the everymoment. Because of letting go of my surveilling of self, and my documenting of activities, I can be much more present and fulfilled: MUCH more in the mastery and the transcendence!


It is a joy and an honour to share always here, in the NeedleworkMonday community, of course!


Being able to show the workings of our mind, our heart, our soul - held in the secure arms of friends and co-creatives: this is a form of Heaven On Earth. The warmth of the heart, the heart, the core of the community and the Art. Mmmm: yum!


Huge love to you all, and may the Cosmic Wave rise up to meet your feet!

And thank you always for your wonderful support and encouragement!!




What an astonishing piece of art. The style and design is incredibly eye catching. It’s so great to hear how free you feel and confident to just do you and enjoy every process and task you take on.

I’ve been away for awhile but was so happy to hear about you connecting and collabing with! How wonderful is this!!!! It shows how beautiful and important our interactions here can be. I love that real life frienships can form from communities on Hive 😍. Truly inspiring to hear this and I am so so very excited to see all that you will share with us. I can imagine how blessed you both feel to be surrounded by a likeminded woman that exudes the same passions and energy of creativity. 💓


Ooooh, I loved reading this comment so so much dearest @crosheille !!


Yes! It is so beautiful to have met with - and we have been talking about this glorious community and all the energy it brings to us all: I wish we could meet more easily, across the geographical expanses which separate us!! Until then, and I will sew and sew and sew and sew and report back about the great waves of unfolding creativity which are crashing happily around us!

Huge love and hugs! 😇

Love the overall energy oozing from this post!
Super powerful!⚡

These are such powerful times, eh!!


Either that or we have grown more powerful
Probably both ;<)


Now, having a co-creative fashionista is always a delight since you both share a similar mindset. Now I wish I could join you both haha.

The outfit came out looking super super.


Thanks for this lovely comment dearest @amiegeoffrey - and absolutely: as I mentioned above, we may end up all meeting up one day - let's hold space for it 😇 😍 😋

The coat is a very beautiful piece, I love your creative process and the results you always give.
The pressures of the external world are difficult to remove but our creative process and our growth is ours alone, no one can take away the satisfaction of a job that completes our soul with happiness.

Dearest @youyowi - thank you for this moving response, truly... Yes, our autonomy and sovereignty come through our taking our creativity seriously - and lightly! - and especially when I work with another soulfriend, it brings about extraordinary expansiveness... I feel so blessed to have this company... Soooooooo blessed!!


LOVE to you!

This is so beautiful! !BBH

@clareartista! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (2/5)

Thank you for this lovely comment dearest @fiberfrau - and for the @bbhbot Gift!! So nice!!
Happy day to you 😍

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you hugely, dear @palomap3 🥂😍

You’re welcome! ☺️

Your coat is gorgeous! Two minds both adding their creativity and vision form up in astounding ways. Great work!

Aww, thank you dear @tamaralovelace !! Yes indeed: we are freeing up tons of expansive energies, and having a LOT of fun and laughs, which is huge therapy for me!


Much love to you!

I feel like I'm missing out here hahaha😂.
It is totally awesome to bond with creative friends. Your beautiful imagination will run wide and you can create as many lovely items.

Ahhh, dearest @monica-ene - we never know; one day we might all meet up, eh!! Yes, we have been getting a bit crazy, truth be told, about soooo many ideas and plans!! Hehehehe - it is beautiful to have a partner in creativity, indeed!