Wrist-warmers... and The Creative Golden Vein


Dearest Needle-workers,

We started thinking about what we could sew in a week, for our pop-up clothing expo and sale, and came up with something like a glove/ arm-warmer/ sleeve-extension - as well as some very exciting dresses, coats and other delights...


And it feels like I hit my 'Golden Vein': the creative artery that nourishes and expands all the aligned projects and dreams - just this simple activity of taking apart old jumper sleeves, concentrating to make them the same width and length, hand-sewing the details to imperfect-perfection - filling a small basket with the colour-full results... has opened up plans, journeys, bus tickets, entrepreneurship, stories, memories - and much more!


It is part therapy, part spiritual return, part putting-the-world-to-Right: the feeling of Home and of Right Timing - and of being part of the Great Spirit, The Whole; allowing Gaia Sophia to carry us...


Every stitch has significance, impetus, direction and intention: this feels magical.


Having worked intensively at the easel (painting) for over 35 years, I know this alchemy, and I know that it opens up reality in profound ways: I really believe in this force of creativity - in myself it has always been strong, BUT being activated in collaboration, it becomes a whole new dimension of power-to-do-good.


Wish us luck in our expo and sale this weekend! We're off to have a coffee-break; a walk to the next village and a bakery which is the most wonderful bakery in the world...






Wow, this is so beautiful and the stripped design are so special, I really really like them, I wish I have one well done dear

Thank you dear @pekkymos !! This is lovely to read; I really appreciate the encouragement, as we embark on this big steep learning curve!

Wow! I can feel the energy through your sharing. Love it!untitled.gif

Wish you could send me some of these wrist warmers. I would love to buy a pair ( or two ) from you. My hands are oftern cold and especially these days - now It's Winter and I am typing more - these handmade warmers full of love and creative alchemy would be super welcome!

I really like the yellow-green ones :<)

Sending you a huge creative hug 🤗

I'm sure we can find a way to send you some pair/s, dear @vincentnijman !! Let's figure it out.

I hoped you would say that. That would be awesome! :<)

These wrist warmers are sooo adorable! I really like the contrasting colors and the stripped designs. I wish you both luck at the pop up although I have a feeling these creations will sell themselves!

Aww, this means SUCH a lot coming from your talented self, dear @calendulacraft !! Thank you indeed for your good wishes - they are much appreciated, as it is always a bit nerve-racking - even with doing something so very fulfilling - to present to 'the public'! Really exciting too! 😇 😍

I know exactly what you mean!! Right now I am preparing for a small craft faire in my little town. I am so happy that my friend is going to table with me but also nervous. Yesterday I watched this video which helped : The Art of Selling at Craft Faires: tips and tricks -- the part about getting into a good headspace and saying affirmations before the event was particularly welcome advice! Best of luck to you

Hello @clareartista ta , it is true that when we start to see things to transform, memories and longings come. I am more than sure that you will have many successes in the sale this weekend.


Yes! Creative unfolding always carries a lot with it - great opportunity to metabolise and to let go of anything stagnant!