My NeedleWork 2023 - A Year End Challenge

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I wish I could say this year for me was full of ambition and completed projects but that wouldn’t be factual.

I was inspired, intrigued by many ideas and drawn to a variety of possibilities. However, with my mind and energy being pulled in many directions by life happenings, the motivation just wasn’t there.

Even though I only started (notice I didn’t say completed 😏) a handful of projects I am still proud of what I accomplished. Every year will be different depending on where life takes us. I do miss those times where I am steadily eager and busy fulfilling my desires of crafting beautiful things.

It’s okay though. As long as I get my fix by working my hands a few times a year I can be happy with that. It’s not as satisfying but it’s something.



This was the beginning of a yoke sweater I was so happy to be working on. I wanted to wear it proudly and share with the world that it was made by my hands.

Where is it now you ask? Well, it’s a distant memory. I lost my place and got frustrated and decided to start over at another time. I ended up frogging it and used the yarn for another immediate project.

No worries, you most likely will see this again but with further progress. Yoke sweater we shall meet again 😄.



The first project I completed this year was a baby blanket for my dear friend’s daughter. This was her fifth baby and I wanted to make sure she had something crocheted for her.

Ya know what’s crazy? We were both so busy all Summer that I didn’t get a chance to give it to her. However, she is now pregnant with her sixth child and I think I will see her soon enough to give it to her for this baby 😅.

Either way I always enjoy crocheting repetitive stitches because it’s more relaxing as I don’t have to keep count as often. There was only a slight color change for each end of the blanket which made it a breeze to work.


I promise I didn’t forget to share about the Holiday Mart. It so happens we decided to wait to sell next year. Our production wasn’t ready and we weren’t fully prepared to set up a table as planned.

My cousin did attend the market and was able to share with me the entire setting and what we should expect for next year. She gave us some really good ideas and things to think about that could better our sells.

One of her observations was that all the crafts she saw were made for women only. There were no handmade items for men whatsoever which means no one could shop to buy their husbands, sons, brothers or nephews anything 😦. This I will use and figure out something I could crochet that would be great to gift to men.

So my scrunchie making will continue throughout the year so I can have more to offer.

I am still contemplating whether or not I will make other items for my table but since I have an entire year to think about it I won’t stress on it now.


Making denim yarn was so therapeutic. Seeing the strand of yarn increase while making the cuts is totally addictive 😆.

I have yet to actually crochet with it but if I’m being totally honest I would really have to be in the mood to do it. This yarn is so thick and doesn’t move as smooth around the hook. I would most likely find other good uses for it and use another method that’s less stressful on the hands.

I do love the project that resulted from it though…


The denim fringe necklace! I have yet to make my own but my mother is loving hers lol.

This experience made me feel like a fashion designer. I was enthused by all of the amazing comments and support I got on this one so thank you. It made me want to keep thinking outside my normal thought process and create similar pieces.

That’s still in the cards. We’ll see what comes out of this brain in 2024 😁.

Wow this list was way too short. I think this is the least needlework I have ever done. I really hope to change that in the coming new year.


You wouldn’t believe how many people thank me on a regular basis for creating this community and being their support throughout various journeys. When people pop back on Hive after being gone for some time they can’t believe I’m still here doing what I started over five years ago.

Several have expressed to me that because of this community they are still around. Others say their love for needlework was respawned due to being surrounded by other inspiring and motivated people. Members have gained the confidence to start small businesses due to the encouragement and feedback they receive here.

Let me tell you, just as much of an impact you think I’ve been for you, you have been equally that for me. I’m not just saying this for the sake of your feelings. I’m being completely honest here.

There have been times I thought of leaving Hive due to limited time, blogger’s block, times where I just wasn’t in the mood for anything needlework or just plain doubtful about the future of this community. Each time I’ve gone through such a cycle YOU were there helping me to remember why I stay.

It’s you that motivates me to show up and keep on keeping on. It’s you that reminds me how special and valuable our time together is. You are my inspiration and the reason I’ve been going at it for so long. I’m not just talking about managing the community but also my work as an artist.

Through your projects and determinations I gain insight and a boost of confidence to accomplish my goals. You help me to think outside the yarn (😆) and try new things.

So, this is to you! Thank you to each and every member who make life in this community. Thank you for sharing the ins and outs of who you are. Thank you for not being afraid to share your flaws and weaknesses because through your growth we all gain strength and perception.

A really special thanks goes out to @kattycrochet and @lauramica who continue to do such an amazing job looking after and managing this community. When I can’t be around I have no worries because I know you all are in good hands. They are two of the best supporters, leaders and creative minds I have ever come across. It’s a blessing that we all work so well together. I’m grateful to have them both.

I am hoping one day that @marblely will be able to be active here again because she has also been such an amazing leader and supporter. She is one of the main reasons we’ve continued to go strong. We miss you lady!



I am always ready to face another year and see what it has to offer.

I can’t really say what my goals are besides making more time for the arts I love. I still haven’t tackled knitting after getting a brand new bamboo hook set. I still haven’t made those pair of socks I’ve been wanting.

I can name so many different projects and techniques I would love getting my hands on but it really boils down to

Am I willing to make the effort?

For now I will say my goal is to continue loving what I do as a leader and an artist. As long as I have that love anything is possible ☺️.

Thank you and much love to all of you that contribute here and to the entire Hive community for keeping this platform alive and interesting. I am truly grateful to you for supporting my blog and for all of the valuable feedback you give ~ 🩷🤎🩶


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Oh ma'am, this post got me so emotional, I am one of the people who are so thankful that you created this community, I have grown beyond my imagination, I have met top notch designers whose techniques have made me a better designer, you have taught me through this community to be a good photographer, and creative with my shots and fashion project, you have created so many fun contests that got ne laughing so hard which I can't forget the needlework your pet of course, you have taught me that leftover fabrics are very important and more so everyone in the community is so united and full of kindness, I kid you not, this is my favourite community ever since I joined Hive, it is therapeutic and the love here is contagious.

Thank you for all you do mom, I love you and I have learned a whole lot from you too, I still remember that denim yarn and how it blew my mind. Thanks to @kattycrochet and @lauramica too for their constant support and to all the community members here showing up with great content.

Wow this comment! I am so touched by your words. Thank you greatly for expressing your appreciation for the things you've learned from me along with other amazing members and leaders from this community.

I love you too Amie and I am so happy you are here. I see how much you support and encourage other artists and always provide feedback on their work. I feel like you've been here longer than you have lol. You have been such a wonderful asset.

You have amazed me with your photography upgame honey. Your project photos are so gorgeous and it makes me happy to know you took my advice and ran with it. It has surely paid off.

Thank you so much for this comment, it means more than you know 💓 ~

It was a pleasure reading you. Been a while since I saw your threads, just to be sure you're good, can you give me a shout on leothreads? Would appreciate it.

I haven’t gotten into Leo threads. The idea sounds lovely it’s just I don’t have the extra time to join in.

 4 months ago  

Thanks so much @amiegeoffrey for these nice words. 🤗

Thank you fir coming up with community that makes hiving a home for us, sharing our passion and also getting to know this many creative minds here, I can't count the number of times I've been inspired in this community, 5 years wow! That"'s a high milestone, and we still keep going strong.

There have been times I thought of leaving Hive due to limited time, blogger’s block, times where I just wasn’t in the mood for anything needlework

I think we've all felt this way at some point, but still, we keep going stronger, thanks to your amazing team @kattycrochet and @lauramica for standing by and helping to hold this wonderful community strong.

I was there, through the scrunchies, and the jean yarn was an exceptional idea brought to reality, thanks for providing us with this special platform. Continue being awesome!

 4 months ago  

Thanks so much for being an active member of the community.

You're very welcome. This community has grown into something way more than I ever expected. It definitely is our home where we can enjoy sharing like passions and come for feedback, advice and support when needed. I couldn’t be happier that so many have made this their home.

You’re right, we do keep going stronger! Thank you for being here sharing your inspiring work. Thank you so much for this comment and your sweet words ~ 🩷

Greetings. This summary gives us a similar picture to our lives, not every time we can be here as we would wish, but we still insist on participating to maintain this nice community you have created and that @kattycrochet and @lauramica support you when you can not. I also thank you for giving me shelter in this beautiful niche. Merry Christmas 🎅🎄!

 4 months ago  

Thanks so much for being an active member of this community and also for sharing with us your nice projects. 🤗🎄

This is true @multifacetas. I'm sure many of us would like to be here more than we can but that's the reality. I am grateful for the amount of participation that stays consistent here. Thank you for sticking around and continuing to share your work as well as supporting other members by commenting on their posts ~ 😊

 4 months ago  

Every beginning involves a lot of dedication and strength and you had both in founding this beautiful community. All of us needleworkers are grateful that we have a special place to share our love for needle art. Within this huge platform, we can feel that we belong to a place, that we have a space dedicated to our creations and where we support each other with love and respect.

Thank you very much @crosheille for the opportunity and for the constant support of our work. For me working with you has been a wonderful school where I have learned a lot. I appreciate and admire you as a partner and as a friend. Happy holidays to you and all your beautiful family.

I really love that. This community has truly grown into a family and it's so nice knowing we do have this space to share with one another. It wouldn’t be this way without all the help to keep it running smoothly. 😉

Thank you!! It has truly been wonderful working with you too. I am grateful for our friendship.

Happy holidays to you and your family as well ~ ❤️

We go through phases in our life and often it's not possible to be on chain all the time when we have other things going on in real life. But the beauty is that if we ever do return from a period of absence, we know that many of our friends will still be here, and we also get to meet new friends. Hopefully you will be more active in 2024 and finish the blanket for your friends 6th child ... or maybe 7th if you're really busy 😉

Yes! That's part of what keeps me going. It's always nice greeting my friends once I return. I am grateful I've been able to be around for as long as I have. I'll just continue to be here as much as I can.

Lol yes! I do hope and plan to be here more in 24’!

Thanks so much Living. I always love your comments ~ 💗

😦 Nothing for the men?!? That leaves half of the population out and that definitely needs some attention lol.

You and all the members have been so welcoming and I am truly grateful for this community. I don't know why it took me so long to actually get going, but wow! you all provide so much inspiration!
Your denim necklace/scarflette is wonderful it's no wonder your mother loves hers. On to 2024!

Lol exactly! I've gotta get clever and come up with some things that would be good. We can’t leave the men out when it comes to gift giving 😄.

Oh my goodness that’s so incredible to hear! It makes us so happy when new members feel welcome and inspired…that’s our motto!!

We’re so glad you’re here now. 2024, let’s do this!! 😆🎉

And this almost brought me to tears , I'm emotional right now.

I am proud of all your accomplishments too even though you never got to complete them. The crotchet hair scrunchies were really beautiful and Thought that they have all been sold out because of your beautiful ideas, never know that you never get to attend the holidays mart. And please kindly let us meet with that crochet sweater ago , that is too beautiful to let go.

Thank you for all you do for the community, you have created a bond of lovely and supportive needleworkers such that our lives and careers received a new meaning by just coming around the community. I have build so much confidence from the love and support I received here with no criticism.
Your impact is immeasurable and we don't want to see you leave. Regardless of the schedules please keep a space and time for in your heart . You have been not just a leader but a kind and caring mother to us
I love you sooooooo much
God bless you mum. ❤️💕🎉🎉
God bless your kind heart
God bless you real good.

Thank you dear sweet Monica! Your words are always so appreciated.

Lol, I hope to introduce you all again to the sweater in 24'! I also hope to sell out in the holiday market!! 😄

you have created a bond of lovely and supportive needleworkers such that our lives and careers received a new meaning by just coming around the community

Wow, I’ve never heard it put that way. A bond…what a great way to describe what we have here. That’s truly how I feel. It’s amazing how much being around lovely and supportive people can bring real meaning into our everyday lives.

Thank you for this. I don’t plan on going anywhere. I’ve learned that when I’m feeling those emotions it just means it’s time for a break and to get away for awhile. It’s helped me in the past and I plan to continue that approach if needed 😉.

Aww I love you too! Thank you for being you and always showing up. Your love, support and feedback has impacted this community a great deal!! You are golden ~ 💛💖

I really appreciate your support, effort and love towards this amazing community, since I joined this great community I feel so much better, I want to thank you all for creating this wonderful community, may God bless you all and give you all knowledge and strength, I will forever be here, thank you 💯💯💯💯💯💯

It's always been a fun pleasure. Honestly I wouldn’t have as much fun on Hive without this community and being able to share with fellow artists the crafts that I love. I’m glad you have joined the gang and feel right at home 😃😉. We’ve worked hard to make sure everyone feels the way you do.

Thank you for your feedback ~

I loe, reading this, you are a great artist and head community. Here we are for you. For a 2024 with a full heart with complete goals.

Thank you so much dear @afrikablr!! 💓

What a lovely summing up of what this year has been for you! Love your scrunchies and baby blanket.
I am sure many more people will thank you for starting and keeping this community going.
Hope to see more of you in 2024.
Stay blessed!

Hi @sofs-su! Thank you dearly ☺️. I plan to be around more in 24’ (I wasn’t trying to rhyme but it works lol 😆).

Many blessings to you ~

These are so neat. Honestly y’all should ship one to me.

Lol!! So glad you liked my needlework. Thanks so much for coming by to check them out ~ 😊


I really appreciate your support, effort and love towards this amazing community, since I joined this great community I feel so much better, I want to thank you all for creating this wonderful community, may God bless you all and give you all knowledge and strength, I will forever be here, thank you 💯💯💯💯💯💯

Yo te felicito, realmente tejes hermoso, tomando en cuenta que es un trabajo donde hay que tener demasiada paciencia y tiempo, todo muy bello, mucho éxito en 2024.

Thanks for sharing with us. !PIZZA


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