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It’s such a Happy Monday!

I am so excited to introduce to you the Love Brunnies (bros + bunnies). They are the sweetest and cutest sibling trio you’ll ever meet ☺️. They are so special that this entire post is dedicated to sharing their story.

This is the origin of how they came to spreading love and giving hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Big brunny is always taking care of the younger. You’ll always see them sticking close together, having fun and sharing the joys of life. It’s truly amazing how close knit they are.


Even though all seemed good and well the brunnies felt an emptiness inside. They knew something extremely important was missing in their lives.

They didn’t know exactly what this void was but they knew it made them feel glum and colorless. Big brunnie held his bros close and assured them he would get to the bottom of this and find what they were looking for.


So off he went to find that missing piece to reverse their color fade and make them fully whole. What could it be? What could possibly complete them?

A few days later, big brunnie made a huge discovery that would change their lives forever. He discovered exactly what they needed to spread love and happiness to others. They would be able to put smiles on people’s faces and make them feel special.

As soon as he found these loving Valentines hearts he immediately felt full of color and completely whole. He couldn’t wait to share this wonderful news and gift with his sibs.


After sharing about his discovery he distributed a heart to each of the brunnies. They too felt rejuvenated and warm on the inside. It was as if they had found their true purpose and was ready to fulfill it.

They began discussing how to share their hearts with others so that they too could feel special, warm and loved.


It was decided that every year for Valentine’s Day each brunny would lend themselves to someone in need of feeling special. They will know exactly where to go because the hearts they carry are pulsating hearts which helps guide the brunnies to their people.

Since V-Day is just a couple of days away they set off to find their persons to make it in time.

These love brunnies are spreading love wherever they go 💗.

Will they arrive at your doorstep?


I had so much fun making these. This is my participation for our current contest; NeedleWork Your Valentine. This is the last day for entry.

As I was crocheting these bunnies this story popped into my head so I knew I had to take several photos before sewing the hearts into their hands. I don’t get to crochet as often as I used to so I literally took a whole 3 weeks to get this done (the crocheting and photography). I enjoyed every moment of it ☺️.

My family enjoyed the process with me too. Every time I added a new feature to them they would get excited. I will be giving these to my family.

This brunny will be given to my sister. She’ll be able to place him on her work desk…


Baby brunny belongs to my daughters. They will place it in their room on the dresser to share…


Finally, this one will be staying with my sons…


They all would like their own but unfortunately I don’t have the time to make several of them. On top of that amigurumi is a bit tough on my hands due to having to make the stitches so tight. I think sharing is caring and everyone will still be able to enjoy them 😁.

One of the things that drew me to making them was the fact that they could stand on their own. I loved that because it made it easier to stage them for the story and photoshoot. The trick was using their tails…


I sewed them low enough to where it looked normal but when they were facing the camera I pushed their tails down to help them balance. Very clever idea and I give the pattern credits where it’s due.

Before we end, here’s a quick glance at the process:

Start of the legs


The body


Head, stuffing and first ear done


I hope I was able to put a smile on your face with these Love Brunnies! It’s fun being able to run with your ideas as you create.

The name for them and the story line came to me all while I was working on them and I was so excited to put it all together. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I was setting up the stage and positioning them for the camera 😄. It’s so important to have fun and enjoy doing what we love.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final entries coming in today for the contest. I am so glad I was able to join in the fun and I thank you for joining me!

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ha ha! They're so cute! And I loved how you left the backside to the last(ish), love the little bunny tails.

Thanks so much Living. 😆 Lol, that was one of my favorite parts...lining them up to show off those tails. Haha ~

A big hug friend!!!
It is the most tender story that I could enjoy today, the three bunny brothers, a great work, an incredibly adorable and tender work, everything beautiful in a single moment, I am in love with all this wonderful content.
Thanks for sharing it with us. 🤗🌹🩷🩷🩷

Aww thanks so much Laura. You put a smile on my face with this sweet and thoughtful comment 🥰🥹🤗.

They look so beautiful and they are so sweet. It's amazing that you can make these little brunnies by hand. They even have tails!

I truly appreciate that. It makes me happy that they have been well received.

Haha yes, it's a lot of fun making smaller details. 😁

Thanks for the visit and comment ~

 2 months ago  

I really loved this story, you are very creative, the name you chose for this amigurumi is so cute.
Thanks so much for sharing this great story and the cute brunnies.

Thank you Katty! I was a bit nervous about the name at first but I am so glad I decided to roll with it 😄.

I appreciate your support ~ 💗

Just look at me laughing and smiling as if one of the bunnies were coming to me. This is heartwarming, can’t believe you wrote a story too. Not everyone is good at writing not to talk of a fictional story but this is a lovely one coming from you.

I bet that my story will come out poor if I ever try to write one 😃
I enjoyed reading your story and since it takes so much time to make this let them share with love the ones you have made.

I loved reading this like a just just the same way you felt and you did put in a lot of work into snapping and not just the crocheting . Plus I thought that they were holding the hearts not until you mentioned how you made this.
Thanks for sharing the Valentines love with Family

Aww thank you Monica. That was such a sweet compliment and it means a lot. Storytelling runs in our family as we are always entertaining each other with them. It was a treat for me to be able to create a story to go along with these brunnies. And you know I love photoshooting 😆.

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading. Thank you for the lovely comment ~ 💖

This is beautiful and I can imagine the love in your heart while you were making the heart for your bunnies. I am just smiling from ear to ear and wishing I can get one heart

What a nice response, thank you. Yes, my heart was happy while working on everything. I hope one of these hearts finds you soon ~ 😊

I know how hard it is to make tight stitches and I know your kids will be happy getting them but if it were to be my brothers and I we’ll just fight over them and in the end one person will take it after winning a task😂😂

This was really interesting to follow and my favorite part was the stuffing
I can relate at the part you were so happy setting the camera to take pictures
It’s always fun and rewarding after you finish making something beautiful
I love this

Hahaha that was hilarious! My kids knew they had to share in order to enjoy them because my hands hurt lol.

Thank you for following along and reading the story. Yes, it’s always so rewarding having fun with the work we did. It’s my favorite part 😄.

Thanks for your comment ~

You’re welcome

They are a beautiful gift :3 I love them

Thanks @youyowi! I'm happy you love them ~ 🥰

Awe, this is super beautiful. What a creative work here. I love how the brunnies are carrying the love in its hands and I love the story accompanied with them
It's obvious you had fun doing this with your family.
I love and love the cutie brunnies 💕😘🤗

Thank you lady! It makes me happy you enjoyed the craft and the story. ☺️🤗

Yes, it was a lot of fun ~ 💝

They all look cute and their story is really sensible and teaches to love
I wish us a happy Valentine’s Day in advance

I'm glad you liked them along with their story . Thanks a bunch for your nice comment ~ 🥹☺️

So cute! And their story is inspiring this Valentine period, let's find joy and peace withn ourselves and also learn to spread to others as well.🥰 I enjoyed reading this.

Be a bunny of love!

Thank you @glorydee! I'm glad you liked the story and thought it was inspiring ☺️ ~

I enjoyed reading your story. I hope these love brunnies can find me soon♥️.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope they find you as well ~ ☺️🤗💗

Greetings @crosheille, what cute rabbits, they are all adorable; The story you share is beautiful, I hope they can find several homes to give a lot of love.

Surely your sister will be very happy to receive a beautiful and tender gift made by your hands; ah, thank you very much for the tail trick, it's great for the dolls I'm making.

Have an excellent week!

Thank you dear!! I too hope they find many people to love on. 😊🥰

Oh yes, you’re very welcome. I hope you can use it to incorporate in your work when needed 😉.

Have a Wonderful week ~ 🩷

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aha those are some cute stuff you have made, thanks a lot for sharing.

!giphy good job

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Wow, this are really beautiful, i understand the stress you been through this, i can see the cutest siblings trio, and i love the love bunnies and the colors are cute thank you for sharing

Thank you for your feedback of my work ~ ☺️

@crosheille pero que tierno y hermoso detalle , me encantó 😍

Thank you kindly ~ 🥰

These are very cute crochet, I wasn't able to join in the contest but I surely enjoyed reading through everyone's entry.

Wow, what a story! I enjoyed reading their story! I liked that the little hearts they discovered brought them much vibrancy 😊! My favorite feature on the "brunnies" is their cute little tails, lol 😆! Nice post

What a beautiful story you brought us! the bunnies looking to give their love and brighten up the lives of those you love, being company and also teaching to share. The story captivated me a lot, but also the detail that you tell about the knitting, that you manage to make it stand up and the trick for the photographs. I loved this contest, I love valentine's day and I fell in love with the bunnies! I send you a big hug!

Hmmm, nice work. I love 💕 the work. higher ground for you.

Muy linda historia, quedaron bellos y seguro en las manos en que quedaron estarán felices de cuidarlos.