Crochet Dual Colored Skirt

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Hello everyone, I hope you had a really lovely and productive day. Today I will be sharing this skirt with you.


To start this I have not made a skirt in a very long time, I think the last skirt I made was the one from fashion week and since then it has been gowns and tops and trousers and shorts and bikinis.


A client came by the shop a few weeks ago and requested to purchase yarn. she asked if she could get yarn, i told her the price and she opted to order for a skirt instead i told her the price and i got right to taking her measurement and we scheduled a pickup date for the order.


First of all I had to go get some yarn at the market. I was lacking these particular colors so I had to go grab them as quickly as possible so I can easily get started with the project.


This will be some type of tutorial too but I wanted to get started with the process more like how I got the order. So let's get straight to how to make this [yepieeee]


I made this at once because I didn't want to make two separate sides and then attach it. I was avoiding the visible joinings by the side of the skirt so I went round instead.


Take a measurement of your hip width { we'll be using this to make the skirt}


Make chains enough to go round your hip perfectly slip stitch and make one row of double crochet stitches followed by 2 rows of front post back post double crochet stitches.


After the rows of front post back post double crochet stitches make rows of double crochet stitches till you have 2 inches left to complete the skirt length and this is where we switch the colors.


This can be made in a different color mix that the maker desires.


The next color should be only 2 inches long . I used green since that is what my client wanted.


To make the strap I used the two colors from the skirt to make a mixed look for the rope. I used a darning needle to pass it through the spaces of the front post back post stitch spaces and it came out well too


This client did not want an open space in her skirt so I suggested making this on top of the already made skirt to accessorize it a little bit. I made a long chain that could fully cover the orange part to the beginning of the green part.


The rope or chain should be two times the original length of the part you want to cover with the criss cross design.

To attach to the design slip it through the spaces of the double crochet stitches. For mine i kept a space of four stitches in between but you can do more. I trimmed the edges and finito!!
Things i used to make this:
*4.0mm hook
*darning needle
*5 balls of 40g yarn

PS: the images above belong to me and were taken with my mobile device


Beautiful work the client ordered you, I have never made a crochet skirt, but I'm sure that with this guide I will try it. I leave you a big greeting, and I congratulate you for your finished work.

Thank youuuuuuuu. This means a lot.

I love the color
This is pretty
The use of chains to embellish the skirt was really creative of you
Well done

Thank youuuuuu

You’re welcome

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Very beautiful this skirt! And that color looks beautiful. You don't see a lot of crochet clothes around here but it's so cute. I'm sure your client loved it ❤️.

Yes she did. I’m happy you love it. Thank you so much.

is ravishingly beautiful. The color is fantastic and the details of the skirt.

Thank youuuuuuu. This makes me feel goood.

 2 months ago  

Beautiful design! I especially love the crisscross detail. It really made the skirt l's beauty pop.

I’m happy you love it.

What a beautiful job you have done 😍 I like that orange color. Plus I like that the yarn looks good quality. That goes a long way in making the piece look good. I congratulate you on your work, partner 💟

Amiga that was simply beautiful, I want one like that! haha.


Thank youuuu. I appreciate this.

This is so pretty, you have a wonderful talent dear, more grace

Thsnk you