Needlework Monday BRUCE LEE embroidery portrait

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Okay maybe this portrait looks a little more like someone called GOOSE TREE than BRUCE LEE, haha! But it was a fun make and I felt super inspired.

First thing that inspired me was this quote by BRUCE himself

“Honestly expressing is very difficult to do. I mean it is easy for me to put on a show and be cocky and be flooded with a cocky feeling and then feel like pretty cool...or I can make all kind of phony things, you see what I mean, blinded by it or I can show you some really fancy movement. But to express oneself honestly, not lying to that, my friend, is very hard to do.”

Bruce Lee

​I first heard it when listening to a song by one of my favorite groups - Binary Star. They sampled it in the beginning of this song.


Anyway - First I took some time to draw up Bruce's face. Then I used a light box to trace it to the fabric.


This is what the back looks like - not too messy!


Then I washed my work, this was hard to do - putting hours of work in to a tub of water. But it turned out okay it dried and I gently ironed it. Washing just ensured I removed any potential oil or marks from working with my hands.


Close up. I like the texture and thought it was okay for a first try at portrait.
Have you done a portrait before? Animal or person?


You had me at Binary Star.

Portraits, yes, many. Only humans. I never would've guessed it's your first one.

I just saw this speed drill of Bruce Lee's a couple days ago. Like, woah.

Thank you!!
Dang! He really was the Boop Master!

Great work, dear. It looks like Bruce Lee to me. And I was impressed that you can actually do embroidery with a man's face. I think it's harder than making those cute flowers and leaves. I remember helping my mom do some embroidery before when I was a kid (maybe I was 11 or 12 years old at the time). But those are just simple, small leaves and flowers. And I never thought of practicing more due to a lack of materials.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your project here. And hope to see more of these. God bless you. 😇

Thank you very much! What's funny is I am actually really bad at doing those little flowers lol. I enjoyed the creative freedom with this type of embroidery. Bless you too xx

Amazing work 🤗

Thank you!! I love your work too ❤

Nice work, i like it.

Thank you kindly!