A Christmas outfit for a friends , Sewing Free Christmas outfits for neighbors, friends and vulnerable of society

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This is the third piece of outfit I will be sewing and it is for a friend. She couldn't afford a new fabric hence we have used the fabric she had at home before now. This is going to be her Christmas outfit
I don't know if it is just me, I don't really like the fabric print and if she has trusted my judgement we could have sewn a different style that will at least bring out the beauty of the outfits. She has already made up her mind about sewing a shirt dress before coming explaining to me about how she has desired to own a shirt dress for a long time now, I couldn't do otherwise.


I went ahead to cut the fabric, front and back bodice


Been very careful with the front neckline since I am going to be fixing a collar around the neck
I had to fold in the button allowances first before proceeding to cut the neckline .



Otherwise the neckline will become wider than necessary if I went ahead to cut it first. I made a 2.5" by 2" neck width and depth.


As for the collar I am taking my time to check some YouTube video on how to sew a perfect collar. The ones I have made on my dresses before aren't too nice but since the dresses are mine I could manage to wear them like that. This is a friend's cloth and I wouldn't want there to be any mistakes and even if that is unavoidable the mistakes shouldn't be obvious or something to worry about .

Next was the sleeves, been a straight sleeve with an elastic band on the ankle I have no problems with that.


The next part of the dress is a straight cut which I had made here and pleated to the base of the dress


She equally asked me to sew her a belt she could use to pull the waist together for a better fitting and shape, that will be done too. For now my major concern is the collar.

Even after sewing it to this stage I still don't like the dress and the fabric. Not having a button home making machine at home means that I have to that take this to some other fashion designer who have the machine to help me make button holes.
What color of buttons do you think that I should use , Black, green or some fancy transparent button maybe that will enhance the appearance of the fabric and dress.
This is a Christmas dress that will showcase my skills and brand to other people I would appreciate to make some beautiful outfits while sewing free clothes but if this is what she has, I want to work around it as well.


A white background look of the dress


Some cooler version of it with my green grass field compound😆🤗
What do you think about the fabric and dress or am I the only one feeling this way.

Thank you for reading thus far and for every comments and engagement here.


The fabric isn't that bad dear, but in fashion design, as we are sewing a shirt it sometime needs something like fancy bottins or using another plane material that match with the color but trust me that what you have here is so beautiful and with that belt the beautiful will come up, well done sweetie.

The style looks great with the material, I am sure with the belt added the beauty will come out more.

Okay if you say so ..thanks dearie 🥳

Always wlc

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Personally, I really like the fabric, the print is attractive, perhaps what is happening to you is that the dress model is not for this fabric.

I recommend placing white, red or gold buttons on them, one of those colors would make a good contrast. May you resolve the necklace issue.

I like it a lot because it makes every effort to ensure that everything is finished with quality, that is admirable.

A hug loaded with my love.


I like the gold idea ..I will get some gold buttons . Thanks for that suggestions.
Your kind words is encouraging as always .
Thanks alot dearie

The fabric isn't that bad! And the sewing? You nailed it. If your friend has little fat, it will go well on her but if she doesn't, she might need a belt to accompany the dress

She has alot of fat more than the mannequin....it's a fitted dress but loss here because of the difference in measurements.
Thanks dearie

This gown looks really good

I love the fabric and that style look great.