A Test of Trust and Reliability

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Hello Hive


It is another needle-o-clock day and exciting moments in the community.
Time to hear about your sewing joy and woes plus customers/friends saga,I hope that we are all doing great and this blog meets you well.

Much as we are born differently and with different character it is note worthy that even in our differences we should possess some morals and virtue that will keep us together as one. I didn't expect that one of my friends will see me in the light of how she did this weekend.


She has brought a trouser of the above fabric and ask me to make an outfit for her, after looking at the style that she had picked I noticed that the fabric will not be enough to make the outfit for her hence I advised her to either chose a style that the fabric can make or get more of the fabric from the market but she was feeling reluctant and kept insisting that I should cut it in a certain way and help her to manage it like that.

And she has picked a celebrity style who has spent quite a sum for the outfit she saw. Celebrities often spend a huge sum on their outfits and wanting to copy them at any time will cost you alot too.

One thing I have noticed is that she has trust issues and was thinking that anytime she brought excess fabric for me to make clothes for her I have always kept the rest and use it for myself.
Sometimes we get customers that will gift us their left over fabrics since they have no use for them, but some will insist that you give them their remaining fabrics even to the last pieces.

Anytime I make an outfit for someone I make sure that they get their remaining materials. A visit to a fabric store will tell you that both customers and tailors sometimes end up buying the same types of fabrics.
Like the other day I bought a certain fabrics and while trying to make an outfit for myself a friend and customer of mine brought the exact same fabric for me to sew for her. We have bought thesame fabric from different market.
Some fabrics are thesame and sold almost everywhere around the world, so it's possible for myself and a client to both have thesame piece of fabric.



I won't be stealing from her fabrics but in order not to give her that impression I have went ahead to cut the fabrics just like she wanted, after cutting the bodice and the sleeves, all that was left was the little piece that won't be enough for the front drape.

While managing the fabrics I also didn't get the fullness of the sleeves needed hence I felt bad making something that is not satisfying. You know how it feels when you are compelled to do something you don't want . She isn't the tailor here and after granting her wish we got stuck on how to complete the dress.


Unfortunately for her after going back to the store to purchase more of the fabrics it has all been sold out. This was when she became humble enough to ask for my opinion on what to do about the cape. My suggestion and the idea I got is for her to purchase some tulle of thesame color as the fabric which I will use to make the cape or find out any appealing design we can do on the dress. She learnt her lessons anyway.
This was someone who wouldn't trust me with the purchase of her fabrics always thinking that I will cheat her in one way or the other.


  Just look at how stressful it is to cut and sew a velvet unless I want to add some stiffeners to keep it from folding, yet she was only concerned as to whether I will steal her fabric or not.

With all sincerity I have explained to her that some customers find joy in gifting me their leftover fabrics after making their outfits and I have not for any reason used a clients fabric to make an outfit for myself, she should learn to trust me at least even if it is not possible to trust as many other people unless they are tested

The cape of the dress isn't full enough, we have to rework this or find out other means to style the outfits.



What are we friends for if we cannot trust and rely on each other.
The annoying part was that I was making this outfit for her for free yet she wasn't grateful enough but was overly concerned about whether or not I was going to cheat her.

How do you deal with these kinds of people? Do you still keep them as friends while seeking for subtle means to correct them of errors like this. After All friendship should be about trust and loyalty.


Your work is spectacular! even though your friend has been suspicious of you, you don't have to worry, your kindness and work speak better of you than any words you can say to her. Only next time I wouldn't do the work for free, but that's up to each one of us. I congratulate you for the hand you have, I really loved watching your process! I send you my best regards!

I like that you won't do it for free, only good people should deserve our kindness and free gestures.
Thank you for your kind words...

This is just an amazing and classy dress, I love simple outfits like this.

I don't know why some customers have trust issues too, well she learned the hard way.

Hahaha ...when you have some trusting you with what to make for them, this one was just ranting until we arrived at what we have here . Humans are just so different.
Thanks for stopping by dear.

You're welcome.

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This is so good... Simple and classy. We'll done

Thanks dearie

!BBH i don't do business without trust. I kindly refer them to another shop. There are plenty of people I trust and they trust me. It's a pleasure to work with trust and miserable to work without it.

Exactly, I'm glad that you totally understand my view point.
Better to refer them to other places than have them mess with our feelings.

Thanks for stopping by dear friend

@monica-ene! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (1/5)

I congratulate you for your good attitude. I love your honesty. Trust is important in a friendship. In my country it has become common for a seamstress to keep the scraps of fabric. I don't like to do that 💟

It's good to know that you don't do that as well.
Well done dear 😍 thanks for stopping by

Greatness and humility always prevail... I love it because you show off humility and greatness. With your recommendations the result is simply perfect.

Infinite blessings be upon you always


Thanks alot dear

Some clients are like that, although I look pass such behavior because I know I have no interest in someone else's cloth, don't let them stop you from being your amazing self.

Thanks dearie 🤗🥳😍

I understand the frustration of working on something and having a client want to tell you what to do, or insist on a fabric that is not the right one, both with clients and with friends, when something like this happens I quickly forget about it, even more so if I don't go. to charge for the work, I think your friend should learn to trust more, the one who studies is you, the one who knows is you, and if she doesn't trust her to learn to do it herself, no one has to question your work or your morals, I would get quite angry with that.

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Hello Monica. How bad your friend is for not trusting your dressmaker's judgment and believing that you could end up keeping things that are not yours. And even more surprising is that the work was free! Quite a bad person really, but at least he learned his lesson... I hope this outfit turns out great, you'll surely be able to figure it out :)

Oh Moni, why didn't you call me I would have placed the client where it should be.

This is a beautiful work 👏

However, I think the client has had an unforgettable experience before such distrust could happen

Your work is very beautiful, you can't stop people from showing who they truly are, all you have to do is to be happy with yourself. Keep being amazing.

Thanks dearie 🥳

This looks really neat tho. I feel the color was a perfect pick.

Oh my dear! This is a very unpleasant case. Without trust, friendship is impossible. and even more so if you give a person something that is actually your work. I'm shocked! I don’t consider people like this to be my friends since they don’t value my time and my efforts, and certainly don’t show gratitude to me. but the dress is really gorgeous, dear!