I have Just achieved another milestone in sewing.

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I don't know if what I'm about to tell us is laughable or not but using the milestone term to describe this looks a bit exaggerated hahaha 🤣
In all of my years of sewing( possibly just less than two since I have used the others two years to learn) I have found it difficult to work with different body sizes. Not knowing that the secret of this challenge lies withing knowing how to take accurate body measurements and how to apply this measurements in the right way when cutting and sewing. Also some form of discretion is needed when making the fitting.

While learning how to sew I have never been consistent with training, let's say I go to work for a week to learn a thing and I find something challenging all of the enthusiasm to learn fashion fades away instantly and I plunge into some form of moods and discouragements never to learn again. After some breaks I find a new passion and return to training

One of the things that I found challenging is working with body size and shapes.


For some people who do not have a perfect form or physique especially those with some form of Skin fold you have to do alot of manipulation for their outfits to have a beautiful fitting.

Working consistently for over a year now has helped me go get the tricks involve and I feel so proud to have hit this milestone.

 In case you haven't come across the blog, I am currently doing a free Christmas giveaway to sew for free for people within my vicinity who may not be able to afford Christmas clothes, it's titled "cloth a neighbor at Christmas" you can see the post <a href='https://peakd.com/hive-127911/@monica-ene/rush-hour-sewing-of-numerous-outfits-as-christmas-gifts-lets-cloth-our-neighbors-and-friends-at-christmas'>here </a>

I got this plus size outfits as one of the Christmas sewing I will be doing for free and her shape is just one of those kind I often shy away from. I took up the clothes, took her body measurements as best as I can and started working on this.

An overlap dress with ball sleeve
Having made the pattern on paper
I had cut out the fabrics and had barely sewn the dress halfway before I rushed back to her to try it on




I felt relieved seeing this
Her measurements that I worked with were
Bust 45"
Waist 38"
Hip 42"

Taking notes of her physique and Skin folds I have noted how to take out all the uneccessary allowances and reduction needed for her waist line in order to have a perfectly fitted outfits while she was yet wearing the dress



Having done that I got a better results up here. I was so happy that now I can work with any body measurements size and shape, that is the milestone a had just crossed hahaha.

The fabric wasn't enough to sew the sleeves hence I made the second sleeve from the organza material I had added to the bodice to give it some beautiful form



Who is going to help me fix the zippers, I think I still dislike doing that aspect.
Maybe nobody is coming to my rescue today so I got to do it myself 🤣


With an elastic in the sleeve to gather it


Am I alone in the house today?
Maybe not alone, I got this beautiful lady companion who is always the first to try out my outfits

Tada, tacyne says Hello everyone


And this lady Bluetooth who never learns to keep quiet because women are talkatives 😆😆


They are the companions who make sure that I don't get bored or lonely 😆😆😆🤣, the lady helped me to sew and the bluetooth sings all day.


That's enough, hope my needlework family are all having a good time this day

Happy new week Family 🤸🤸💃💃😍🥰🥳


I really admire the efforts you put to it
Nice work

Thanks dear 🎂

Your outfit came out beautifully! I love the ball sleeves. The dress looks lovely on the woman and is very flattering to the figure.

Exactly, happy to have you around..
And back on hive too 😍💃

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 185 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


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This is really beautiful, the one of the image look more beautiful than the want the woman wear because of her outfit

Thanks dear

Wow, thank God the dress fit Perfectly, it's not easy working with different body sizes especially the plus-size.

But the good thing is you've found a way out, well done for the project.

Yes ooo...At least one will develop the confidence to sew more and more .

You're so right

Looks so beautiful!

Thanks dearie .

How are you doing today

I'm a bit sleepy, and have so much to do 🥲😂

Thesame as myself, infact I just had an hour nap just now 🤣😂

Hahaha I had a 20 minute nap right now 😂

The two of us are just so funny 🤣

Adulting is hard, we deserve it 😂

Hello @monica-ene, making progress in sewing is satisfying, although it seems very simple sewing to measure is not easy, making patterns requires time from there on the work is light, I congratulate you for beautiful work and new achievement.

Greetings and blessings!

Exactly and with more practice everything gets easier with time.
Thanks for the kind words dear 😍

It looks great!
I have never done it, but I know some friends have used the trick where they make a "dress form" of themselves using duct tape! They basically taped a bodice over an old tshirt they didn't mind destroying while they were wearing it, and then cut it off their body. So then because it was thick enough it can hold their shape and they can measure to make their clothes since practically no one matches a mannequin dress form perfectly. I don't know if that's good practice for different sizes, but I thought it was a cool idea. ;)

That's true. I have seen something like that too. They also added some fibre and foam to make it fuller .
That can be useful as well
I just don't know if I will be too lazy to try something like that , but when the need arises i will surely do .

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Always taking a step forward is something to celebrate, especially in something as complicated as sewing and patterns, so congratulations and applause for you, I love the detail of the organza sleeve.

Exactly dear, I have had friends who quit sewing because they couldn't just get it right but now I am here and so grateful for the progress so far.

Thank you for the compliments dear 🥰😘

EXCELLENT, good job, you set out to do it and you achieved it. You have used the measurements appropriately, achieving a good result.

For me you are a woman of challenges and you have proven it. Your experience is clearly visible.

I am very proud of you.


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Wow! this dress is gorgeous! and on your mannequin it looks absolutely stunning. The idea with the second sleeve is very creative. bravo, my dear!

The organza sleeve leveled up the dress. I love the effect on it. 🥰

When I'm starting to crochet wearables before, my greatest worries was the fitting. That's why I decided to make any wearables, with ties at the back. It helps a lot. 🤣

I don't like sewing the zippers on the clothes also. Lol. 😅 I find it hard and takes more time. Or maybe I just don't know the proper technique of putting it.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story here Monica. 🥰