The tradition of buying new clothes at Christmas , An attempt at making a plus size outfit.

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Hello Hive


Today marks the last day in the month of November and we are heading right into the festive month of December. December's are majorly for holidays and partying like we all know. The most interesting part is that most people will be needing to purchase or sew new outfits for the many outings they will be involved in in this month.

Have you heard about Christmas cloth?

It's a tradition I know in Nigeria where every parent put in all their efforts to get their children new outfits for the Christmas day celebration. Not many families have the enough money to buy clothes at will or at any time of the year.
Hence they made it Mandatory that at December and on Christmas day every child must get and wear a new clothes. We the children got used to this and always look forward to a new cloth at Christmas. Even at this age I don't mind a Christmas clothes for myself too 😆🥳🥳🥳😂.

I have just begun my own Christmas sewing project this minutes.
The first outfit I am making here is a plus size overlap dress.

This is posing much of a challenge for me to make a plus size outfits.
I have always nursed a fear of sewing and having someone not feeling satisfied with the outfits.

We all have different body sizes and shapes. For someone with small physique I have learnt to sew very tiny clothes and usually straight but here I have some one with a body shape that you have to work hard and calculatively to make something that will fit her.


Cutting a overlay bodice


The lower part of the outfit

Have you seen plus-size people with body/skin folds before. Taking their measurements and making outfits for them is usually a difficult thing.
I have rightly told her that I will do my best to give a good fitting to her clothes, but in case there are some flops, she should be willing to bear with me. Once you have such understanding friends or customers who still patronize you regardless of your flaws it makes work easier and you learn how to make more better fittings sewing their outfits.


While doing this,I was searching for some inspiration on making flowery Christmas outfit and meet this beautiful dress here been held out for sale. The store owner who sells accessories for me had made this dress



I never knew that we can be patient with even a thin fabric to make something like this. A corset dress from a thin fabric really amazed me.
I have some fabric I can use and was just glad to have picked this inspiration from the street.
We learn everyday and even the things we believe are impossible must have been tried out to be possible by someone else.


While cuting this outfits I keep musing silent prayers so that I won't damage this beautiful print before me


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I think buying Christmas clothes has become like a culture to the Nigerians. It is a good thing you have started sewing yours already. I love the red gown, it's beautiful.

Here we also have the habit of releasing something new for Christmas or New Year, but I don't know the reason. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new project turns out.

I remember when I used to anticipate Christmas clothes 💔😂
Nice work

It's going to be beautiful and your customer will love it!

I can't wait to see how that goes.

I love your hive name.
It's fascinating
Any reason behind such combination?

Hey Monica! Thank you for the is simply my name 😂. I couldn't think of anything clever when I signed up years ago and so I have left it as is. You do great work on the clothing. I really love your tailoring.

Okay dear. I love the name and will save it to see if I can use it for something special in the future.
I do treasure and keep certain things as names.

Hope we will see more of you on hive.
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There you can write short text to keep up with everyone unless you have more engaging work outside here.

Thank you for the kind compliments on my clothing.

It's a pleasure to meet with you dearie 🤗 🥳