Needlework Your Valentine!! A NeedleWorkMonday Community Contest!

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Authored by @crosheille

photo/project credit: @crosheille

Are You Ready to Spoil a Loved One?

It’s Time to Needleworĸ Yoυr Valentine!!!

I love receiving gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. But do you know what I love even more?

Yep!! You guessed it! I love making beautiful needlework surprises to give to others.

I think we as crafters can all agree that this special occasion is a lot of fun. We get to create fun enjoyable goodies and put smiles on the faces of people we love 😊. Who wouldn’t get joy from that?

We invite you to make a Needlework Valentine for someone you care about and share it here in the community. This person could be a family member, friend, co-worker etc…it’s whomever you decide. We’d even love to see a photo of your recipient holding their gift if possible 😃.

You can make whatever you like. There are tons of ideas online that are sure to inspire you. Let’s brighten someone’s day with the craftiness of our hands.

Together, let’s share the love of needlework by gifting someone special. We hope to see many entries for this one 😆!

photo/project credit: @kattycrochet

Contest Rules

  1. Your Valentine gift must involve some form of needlework. We will also accept any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns. You can even combine different needlework techniques together.

  2. You are allowed to use patterns but please be sure to credit the source in your post. Add your signature touch to make it your own :)

  3. Only one entry per entrant is allowed!

  4. Comment and support at least two entries in the contest.

  5. Use #NEEDLEWORKYOURVALENTINE as one of your tags.

  6. Post directly in the NEEDLEWORKMONDAY community.

  7. Leave the link of your participation in the comments section of this publication.

Eɴтry Deαdlιɴe:

All entries for this contest are due in three weeks on Monday, February 12th!


1st Place - 30% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place - 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place - 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place - 15% of the rewards of this post
5th Place - 10% of the rewards of this post

photo/project credit: @carolinacardoza

We look forward to cuddling and snuggling with your entries of Love 😍!

Ready, Set, Go Needlework Your Valentine!!! 💝

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Wow,this is going to be interesting.
Going to plan my gift already

Yay! Needkework valentine, I love the sound of that, time to get in the love mood.🥰

Whoo Hoo!! 🥰

Amazing skills...
One of the best I've seen today

Lovely 😍

Wow this is amazing contest. I will look forward to summit my entry

Thanks for the invitation 😍


Absolutely!! 💓

OMG, this is so wonderful.

This is what we called talent ❤️ good job @needleworkmonday

What about those who don't have a partner 🧐

The description says make a Valentine for someone you care about. It doesn’t have to be a significant other. It can be a family member (brother, sister, daughter, son, aunt, uncle etc.), friend, co-worker…the list goes on 😉.

I'll try 😜

wow 🤗🤗🤗👏👏 Excellent initiative, I'm going to sign up, to look for threads and needles and put my creativity to fly. 😘💗💗

We're ready to see it!! 😍

Yuuupiiii, ya llego lo que mas me gusta a miiii.

¡! ¡los concursos no!

me refiero "Al AMOR" 🤣

I really admire what am seeing here. It's a good contest, creativity will indeed be awakened.

Thank you! We're glad you like it! We love encouraging creativity ☺️.

Wow, what a beautiful contest, encouraging to tell someone that we love them with an object created by ourselves!

It makes me want to create when you do these initiatives! Always so ingenious, I hope to be able to make my entry soon!

Greetings to all and let's spread lots of love!

We're glad to hear it. We love encouraging and inspiring you all to have fun while creating. We’re looking forward to seeing your entry!

I would love to join this one, but I'm doubting since I would be busy doing the orders and some flower bouquets to display for that day. I just hope I can spare some time to participate. Looking forward also to all the entries. 🥰

We'd love for you to join if you find the time. 😘

 3 months ago  

This will be a great opportunity to give love to our loved ones and show it with a needlework made with our own hands. I love this wonderful idea. One more contest for my favorites list.

Thank you very much for the invitation, delighted to participate in this wonderful Valentine's Day 💘 contest, I'll keep an eye out for the challenge. Happy day💞💖!

It will be great to see many things full of love here. I'll see what I can participate with, I haven't posted here in a while.

We welcome you to join 😉!

I love the idea, I'm already thinking of a good project for this contest :3

Sounds great!! 😃

So lovely! Too bad I don't have either the skills or the tools needed to take part it. But would happily check out the entries :)

 3 months ago  

 3 months ago  

This contest looks so beautiful :) It will be great to see the loving creations our members prepare for their loved ones. Whoo-hoo 💕.

@tibaire Look how for you!

Ohhhh this is great 😃👍 love and neddle

This looks wonderful, I might just have to see what I can do for once!

Look @wongi I knew my 💙 would come in handy!

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it would be beautiful 😊.

I should also think of something soon. I'm excited for the contest already 🤸.

Oh, and the 💙 is someway safe. I may not use it tho.

Wao! Love is in the air.... It will be a pleasure to participate.


Voy a crear mi regalo para publicarlo me encanta este concurso.

¡Qué hermoso concurso! Será un placer participar, desde ya pensando en un amoroso regalo. Gracias por la oportunidad.

I love this idea. Giving on Valentine's Day is a symbol of love and affection and above all what we give smells handmade. I'm thinking about participating!

¡Que chévre!. A ver que se viene, jaja.

Hey guys!
I am a crochet beginner and in love with it. So here's my contribution;

Los felicito por esta genial iniciativa. Están preciosos los proyectos que ilustran esta publicación. Me encantaron! Y por adelantado Feliz día del amor y de la amistad para la Gran Familia Hive!

This is my entry for the Needle Work Your Valentine contest. Best wishes and good luck to all participants.

Esta es mi participación para el concurso Needle Work Your Valentine. Mis buenos deseos y mucha suerte para todos los participantes.

Happy Monday, friends! Here is my entry to the contest


Thank you so much for this
I had a rare opportunity to thank my friend here

I am finally done needleworking my Valentine
Here’s my entry

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