Needlework Your Valentine - Winners Announced! - A Valentine’s Special Featured Posts Edition #126

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Authored by @crosheille

Welcome to our Valentine’s Special Featured Posts Edition - #126

Photo Credit: @crosheille

We had another fun challenge round that was filled with love and appreciation!

The challenge was to pick a Hiver to appreciate this Valentine’s Day and make them a needlework greeting or gift.

I really enjoyed reading all of the entries. There was so much inspiration going around in the community this week and it was very pleasant to see.

I decided to spread the prizes a little differently this round based on the entries we received.

The Winners are as Follows:

1st Place Winners - 6 HBD Each






I was very touched by the value of and appreciation of friendship displayed from both of these ladies in their entries.

We learned that these two have been longtime real life friends and colleagues who both have a passion for crochet.

I love how @kattycrochet uses a technique called Tapestry crochet because @creacioneslelys loves the technique and has mastered it already. She reached out of her comfort zone to make a gift that really represents her good friend.

I also love @creacioneslelys’s choice to make a paraban filled with hearts, fringes and pearls to celebrate a wonderful friendship.

Congratulations ladies! 💗

2nd Place Winners - 4 HBD Each






Both of these ladies displayed thoughtful handmade works for people of influence, great support and who have inspired others by their contributions.

You could genuinely feel the love and appreciation beaming from these posts and it was quite touching to read.

Thank You ladies for your wonderful entries!

Third Place Winners - 2 HBD Each






Both of these ladies took a unique approach of appreciation.

@neumannsalva decided to dedicate her post to the admins of our community for their continued help, support and mending knowledge of garments.

Their examples and ideas have helped her to take things out of her closet and give them new life!

Why not show your love to the entire community? This is the approach @muscara took by making these beautiful knitted Japanese symbols of women and friendship. It is such a beautiful display to represent our lovely NeedleWorkMonday Community.

We do have a couple of male members but the majority of us are women.

Thank you both for your unique approaches to this challenge!

Congratulations to all of our winners! We appreciate your participation in our challenge! Your Prizes are in your wallets :D

Oh and as an added treat from me to you each of you have been added to this post as 5% beneficiaries! 🤩

Have a Wonderful Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 💖


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Today’s curation/winner reveal is written by @crosheille


waoo What a beautiful surprise! I didn't imagine I can win because this technique is not my fort. But I am really happy with the price. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks a lot to the community administrator for their value support.
Happy Valentine's Day Needleworkers!


You really displayed a beautiful tribute to friendship, I enjoyed reading your post :)

So glad you are happy! Congratulations again and thank you for being so active in the community ~ 💛

Congratulations to all winners!! So much love and beautiful friendships around <3 <3 <3
Thank you for a wonderful compilation @crosheille!

Yes there was so much love!! I enjoyed reading them all. Thanks @marblely ~

Hi there!
I am happy for the distribution at the award ceremony. Congratulations to all the participants. I'm really happy. It was a beautiful contest.

Thank you again for joining the fun. The love and appreciation of friendship was very touching to see. I am glad the results pleased you. Congratulations once again ~ 😉

I loved the idea of this challenge as it brings us even closer to one another <3
Congratulations to all winners and I am so glad to see these divers approaches to Valentine’s Day.

I couldn't agree more ~ 😘❤️

What a beautiful works they are. I wanted to participate but I think I am still not that good in crocheting, sewing nor knitting :-D.
I can only make simple crochet stuffs and mending clothes or upcycling.
Congratulations for the winners. You all deserved it :).

Thank you for your wonderful feedback @kobold-djawa.

Your needlework skills do not have to be advance to participate in our contests. We have all skill levels here and anyone is welcome to join in. We are all learning and growing together :)

Maybe next time you can join in ;)

Sure.. I'd definitely try someday in the future :).

Congratulations to all the winners. I was sorry not to participate....How nice it is to see your work. Regards

We missed you this round but it most certainly won't be the last ;)


Hola amigas, muchas felicidades a todas las ganadoras y a las que participaron también, espero que vengan más concursos como estos donde podemos hacer que nuestra creatividad vuele, feliz día de la amistad, bendiciones para todas.

Congratulations to you as well on a beautiful entry. We will definitely have more fun with contests and challenges. More to come soon ~ 💛