NeedleWorkMonday’s WIP Challenge Weekly Prize Drawing!

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We successfully finished another week of WIP workings everyone! You’re doing an awesome job let’s keep moving! 😃

For those who participated in the fourth week of our WIP Challenge from Friday July 22nd thru Friday July 29th, your name was put into a drawing to win some Hive and HBD! 😆🥳

FYI: There is a possibility of needleworkers winning more than once. Each week they participate they get entered into the draw to win.

The following 20 participants were included: @youyowi, @jurich60, @devyleona, @nkemakonam89, @multifacetas, @gladymar1973, @tere.alv, @vickoly, @blezyn, @clareartista, @racn, @creacioneslelys @kattycrochet, @lrscarmen, @monica-ene, @jicrochet, @neumannsalva, @lauramica, @imena and @nellyhope

Three prize winners were drawn and they are as follows: @devyleona, @kattycrochet and @nkemakonam89!!


Congratulations Ladies!!! 🎉

This week you each receive 2 HBD & 4 Hive!!! 😛🤩

You each will also be added on as a 5% beneficiary of this post!

It’s time to take a look at what was accomplished this week…


First WIP Finished, Mini Net Crochet Bag! - easy DIY needlework how to


This week @devyleona presented us with a completed WIP. Even with realizing a few mistakes were made she pressed on to finish her very cute crocheted net bag. Isn’t it adorable? The color is so calming. Congratulations to you dear Devy!! 😃👏🏽


NeedleWorkMonday || My WIP #3 || A white bag


We have another achievement here folks! This makes Katty’s 3rd completed WIP! Whoo Hoo way to go! I love the thickness of the thread she used and it’s so white, pure and lovely. I know she’ll enjoy wearing this as she always wanted one. Keep up the great work! 🥳


WIP CHALLENGE || Crotchet work in progress for a small handbag


I have to say I was very excited for @nkemakonam89 when her name got picked. You know why? It’s because this was her first time posting in the community and she is trying to get back in the grove of crocheting. She is working on a small market handbag and we will be rooting for her through the entire process! We know you can do this! 😉

Thank you all for participating in this challenge! We hope it continues to encourage you to move forward with your projects bringing back the zeal you once had for them. 😊
Remember, our goal is to turn those WIPs into COMPLETES! If we just focus on getting a bit further each time we work on them we can succeed and achieve our goals!!

We’ll see you right here next week for another round of prize drawings! 😍

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Today’s prize drawing/curation was written by @crosheille ~


Thanks dearie 💓

YOu're welcome. 😘

Thank you, amen

You\re welcome. 😘

Thanks sis🥰

You're welcome. 🥰

I won💃💃💃💃💃🎉🎉🎉🎉

Lucky me on my first participation 💃💃💃💃🤗🤗💖💖💖

This has made my day today and has given me the motivation to keep going 🥰

Thank you so much Needlework team, I am super excited right now 💃🎉

Congratulations also to other winners and to everyone that participated 👌👍😊

I'm glad this made your day and motivated you even more!! 😃😉

Many congratulations to the winners of the week. 🥳👏😉

Muchas felicidades a las ganadoras de la semana. 🥳👏😉

Success to all and congratulations to my fellow artists for this distinction, excellent work and wonderful restarts.

Wow, the outlook compilations posts really deserve what I'm seeing. I believe that I'll be among the winners soon.

 2 months ago  

Thanks so much for the prize an congratulations to all the winners.
It was a great week.


Congratulations to all the winners 🏆🏆

Thank you so much :) @needleworkmonday, @crosheille and all of our community members 🤗

You're very welcome! Thanks for your continued participation in the challenge ~

congratulations to the winners :3

Congratulations to all the winners of this week draw, keep up the good work and stay creative.

Many congratulations to the winners of the week.

 2 months ago  

Congratulations!!! It so wonderful so many projects get done in these weeks 😀

Congrats to the Winners.

Fabulous projects!

Hola querida comunidad @needleworkmonday 🤗 Yo feliz feliz de encontrar este hermoso proyecto y comunidad. Quería preguntarles algunas dudas que tengo @crosheille @marblely
@kattycrochet Traté de ir a su canal de Discord pero me dice que la invitación ha expirado o es inválida. Por dónde puedo dejarles mis dudas por favor?

Hello @purpleglitter. Thanks so much for reaching out. We have to periodically update the link as it does expire after so long.

Here is a link that should get you there ;)

Thank you my precious @crosheille 🤗

I am happy to be here. Thank you for replying to me and for the link 💟

Absolutely!! 😉