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Pet: Mew. Photo credit: @acidyo

Hello, Hive & Needle Work Monday Community!

Thank you all for joining the

Needleworĸ Yoυr PET contest!

After the premiere of this new contest in our beloved Needle Work Monday Community, we are very happy for all the support received. With a total of 21 participating entries, we had a lot of fun reading the stories of your beautiful pets and enjoying the creations you prepared for them. Without a doubt, these little ones manage to brighten our days and we are glad that this contest has been an opportunity to show a little more love towards them. You all did amazing, congratulations ❤️!

As we mentioned in the post presenting this contest, this time the prizes will be distributed as follows:

Needle Work Monday Team Winner - 30% of the rewards of the contest post

Hive Pets Team Winner - 30% of the rewards of the contest post

Hive Community Winner - 20% of the rewards of the contest post

• The remaining 20% of the rewards of this post plus a pot of 5 HIVE courtesy of our friends of the Hive Pets Community will be distributed among 5 honorable mentions.

So, now it's your turn to select a winner to receive the prize awarded by the community. For this, we have made a pre-selection of featured publications from which you can choose your favorite. Each user will be able to choose up to 3 posts in the comments section and at the end we will count all the votes received: whoever receives the most votes will be the winner. There is time to vote until Friday, November 3. Any Hive member can select their favorite posts 😃!

❤️ Posts available to choose community winner ❤️

To participate in the contest, @irenenavarroart presented us with a beautiful pumpkin-shaped woven work for her kitty Linda.

@razielmorales' project consisted of a beautiful shelter for her cute little dog Doboll.

@suezoe shared with us a cute shark costume for her cat nephew Ying.

Friend @belkyscabrera's entry was about an adorable ruffled dress for her turtle Sharon.

@marlynmont's participation was with some beautiful Christmas outfits for her two cats Negro and Tesoro.

Thanks to this contest, @emybaby was able to get to work on a cute little bed for her kitten Mathías.

@gatubela's participation in this contest was about a cute fuchsia beret for her cute little cat Ze Pequeña.

Getting ready for the Christmas season, @mariela-b prepared a cute allusive outfit for her cat Rocky.

In this contest, @eveyese1312 was able to put together an adorable Grinch outfit for her beautiful little dog Toby.

With a beautiful purple Frankenstein hat, our friend @jurich60 managed to show us the cuter side of her dog Butchak.

We hope you liked this contest as much as we did and that you had fun working with needles for your cute pets. Now we hope to see which of all these projects you liked the most 😃.
Thank you very much for being part of Hive & the Needle Work Monday community.
See you on Monday, November 6 for the announcement of all the winners 😃🐾❤️.

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I'm very excited 🥰 thank you very much for selecting my post. My vote is for @suezoe

Muchas gracias por otorgarme tu voto 😄💚


Congratulations to all those shortlisted. You are all winners. My vote goes to @gatubela y @belkyscabrera

Thank you @artsugar for your vote 😺🤘🏻🤗

Thank you very much for the support @artsugar.

Happy Saturday

Thank you 😺🤘🏻🤗

Muchas gracias por su voto.. agradezco mucho su apoyo..

What a thrill to be selected! 😍 It's hard to choose just three among so many lovely projects 😄 let's see... I vote for @irenenavarroart's design, I always wanted to make a pumpkin hat for my cat Ikki and I love how it looks knitted 💚 I also want to make berets for myself personal use, so I fell in love with @gatubela's beret 💚 and I can't stop thinking about how cute Sharon the turtle looks in her @belkyscabrera dress 💚 Good luck everyone! Excellent work!


Thank you very much 😺🤘🏻🤗

Thank you so much @suezoe.

Good day!

My vote is for @irenenavaroart and @belkyscabrera They were very good projects, well explained.

Grateful for the support, dear @chacald.dcymt.

Have a great weekend!

Ame este hermoso concurso dedicado a esos seres que nos alegran la vida, me divierti mucho junto a mis bebes gatunos haciéndoles un lindo atuendo navideño, estoy muy agradecida por quedar entre los seleccionados, de verdad que fue hecho con mucho amor 😻, les deseo mucha suerte a todos los que con amor hicieron creaciones hermosas para sus adoradas mascotas, mis favoritas fueron las de las amigas:

@belkyscabrera @suezoe @jurich60

Thank you much for voting my entry.

Thank you very much for the support @marlynmont, it is greatly appreciated.

Greetings and blessings!

Congratulations to all those shortlisted. My vote goes to @marlynmont y @belkyscabrera

Hi @merlysmomt, thanks for taking the time and supporting.

Blessed Saturday!

Excelentes trabajos todos!

Mi voto es para @belkyscabrera


Thank you dear @yessi08, for your valuable support.

Greetings and many blessings!

Hola a todos. Muchísima suerte. Todos los trabajos se ven hermosos.

🙋 @irenenavarroart
🙋 @belkyscabrera
🙋 @jurich60

Agrego que me encantó ver el vídeo de la amiga @irenenavarroart 🎉

Thank you very much for the support dear @creacioneslelys.

Have a great and blessed weekend!

Hi! My votes are for @gatubela and @jurich60 😊

Thank you much @sofathana

Thank you dear @sofathana 😺🤘🏻🤗

Thank you much for your vote.

You're welcome, good luck!

Hello! My votes go for @gatubela and @irenenavarroart 😊

Thank you very much 😺🤘🏻🤗

My vote goes to @jurich60 @irenenavarroart and @gatubela. Goodluck to all participants.

Thanks for your support 😺🤘🏻🤗

Thank you much Sis @etselec23

Thank you for allowing us to be selected in such a wonderful contest.
My vote goes to @irenenavarroart and @gatubela.

Thank you very much for your vote 😺🤘🏻🤗

Thank you 😸🤗 Ze Pequeña and I are so happy to be between the pre-selection posts 🥰

Congratulations to all. My vote is for @irenenavarroart

Great job everyone, my congratulations!
My vote goes to @irenenavarroart, @suezoe and @eveyese gorgeous, creepy and adorable outfits by

 6 months ago  

Wow! All entries are creative and amazing 😍 But my votes goes to... @jurich60 @marlynmont @irenenavarroart 😊☺️

Good luck everyone ☘️

Thank you much for your vote...

Thank you friend ❤️

I am dazzled with so many beautiful costumes, hats, houses, etc. for the spoiled pets of the house. They all had a great level of difficulty. Happy them for their wonderful hands and great talent. Congratulations to @needleworkmonday for this cute contest.😍

My vote goes like this:

  1. @irenenavarroart
  2. @razielmorales
  3. @jurich60

Thank you much for your support @numa26

Me encantó tu hermoso gorrito a crochet. Le quedó hermoso. Saludos y cariños. Buena vibra.🍀

Frankenstein hat, wow. All of them are lovely🙏

My vote goes to @mariela-b y Rocky 😻🌼

Saludos.. Me gustaría darle a mi voto a @razielmorales, me encantó mucho su trabajo.

Saludos a la comunidad, todos hicieron bellos trabajos para sus mascotas, felicitaciones, mi voto es para: @razielmorales @irenenavarroart @eveyese1312.

Very good day friends! I am very happy to be in this pre-selection. I did my project with a lot of love and there is no doubt that we all did spectacular jobs. My votes go to my dear friend @mariela-b and @eveyese1312, love their Christmas projects for your pets and more because December is approaching and beautiful ideas... I want to do a self-vote for myself if it is valid, if not, I would love an answer, and I will gladly select someone else.! 🤗🤗.

Gracias amiga por tu apoyo. Muchas bendiciones para ti

Es usted una gran creadora de contenido..! 🤗🤗 Bendiciónes para ti también..

Hello @razielmorales. We ask that each contestant please only vote for someone else.

Thank you. 😉

Perfect 🤭🤭 my third vote is then for the great work of the beautiful friend @emybaby, for her beautiful and comfortable bed, for her kitten.