Forever Blanket Almost Complete!

Hello needlework friends! I'm back with another WIP (work in progress) update for the Forever Blanket.

I am one of those people who struggles with pretty basic math stuff; I can eyeball a 3D space like a closet and pack it like a Tetris board, but ask me to measure 2D knitting pieces with a ruler and suddenly numbers are involved and I manage to bork it up somehow. Don't ask me how. It's a mystery to me, too.

All that to say I kept intending on doing one long sideways piece to finish the blanket, but both times I didn't measure the width correctly and I ended up doing two upright pieces, and I have hopefully one more piece to go. I say that, but knowing me it will be two more...

The remaining area I need to knit is 7.5"x12 5". I can manage that. Right?

Then I can wash all the pieces and start stitching them all together. Hopefully blocking will cover up my measuring errors. 😅 Yuan is giving me moral support.

Wishing you a good week and happy stitching!


Gradually you are almost done with the work

Wow! I also want to make like this with my baby clothes 😀

ooh like a quilt or cut the fabric into yarn?

Like a quilt 🤩
..i saw about it on the internet that how we can use Baby's cloth 😀

Wow!!! It’s coming out so well.

Good job!

That cat looks cute. 😆 in the photo

He's a charmer 💚

I’m sure that it will look more beautiful by the time you wash all of them and put them together
You have indeed come a long way
Kudos to you!

It’s been so long and we’re still not done?
At this point I’m just patiently waiting for the final result

I have been working on this blanket for YEARS.
YEARS!!! lol

You did a great job with this. I love the colour combinations of this blanket actually

Thanks! Me too. :)

You did it very well Ma'am. :)

Thanks very much. 😃

Youre welcome Ma'am, have a nice day to you.:)

I like this type of blanket, it is very useful for using parts from other projects or leftover wool, I hope you finish it successfully and that you can reach the correct measurement haha

It has definitely helped me use up my yarn stash!

At first I thought that cat was inanimate and sewn with the blanket… hehehe. It’s all coming together I see

Hahahaha no he is helping me! :)