Crochet Flower Bouquet

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I am a crocheter. As a crocheter, I challenge myself with new projects every now and then. Every valentines day is a perfect time to take on new challenges and I've taken on one myself. I wanted to create a realistic looking sunflower. It turns out this challenge - from start to finish - was a perfect way to test my patience.

My crocheter friend @jonalyn2020 sent me a couple of video tutorials on how to make realistic sunflowers. She sent those a while back and I haven't taken a look at it because I was too afraid to start. See, sunflowers are my favorite and I hate it when I disappoint myself and I know I would hate it more if I botched the realistic sunflower towards the end. It took a long time to finish just the head itself. I kept telling myself to "Trust the process." My husband and my daughter kept hearing me say that the whole time I was crocheting the realistic sunflower.

The sunflower head is indeed the most difficult part in the process. There's a lot of BLO rounds, and there are parts where I needed to insert wires so that the petals would look pointy, there are a lot of yarn color changes. Oh, and by the way, the yarns I used here were the ones I bought at the Hangar Market when we went to Baguio last January. My daughter felt the Igorot Stone Kingdom was paradise, that was exactly how I felt when I was looking at all the yarns in the Hangar Market. I couldn't decide which ones I'll take home. I wanted to take everything home. LOL.

While the yarns were not too pricey, the time I spent making these sunflower made me understand why these were being sold a lot more expensive than crochet roses or crochet tulips. It took so much time, so much patience, and so much prayers to all the stars in the skies for a crocheter to complete it. This is one of the few tutorials that I needed to jot down notes while I watch the video tutorials. So I told my husband I'm not going to sell it at a low price. In fact, I'm not going to sell it at all. It was too precious to me.


I ended up giving it as a gift instead. Yesterday was my husband's grandmother's 83rd birthday. She is a very adorable woman, all her grandchildren loves her. I love her too. I got to experience her grandmotherly love too. I never really met my own grandparents and having Grandma around shows me how it's like to have a Lola. I adore her so much and I wanted her to feel special on her special day. My husband's gift for her is cash, my gift is flowers, so I put them all together in one bouquet.

Now here's the tricky part. Wrapping the bouquet. It is every crocheter's nightmare. Every time I try to wrap the flowers I make into bouquets, almost every single time, I want to pull my hair, or cry, or call out to all the gods and goddesses in the universe. And even after all those rituals, I still end up with an average looking bouquet. I mean I like the bouquets I made. They look decent enough. But this one, the one I made for Grandma, I am actually, truly proud of it.

This was also the first time that I made a money bouquet too. I stocked up for Valentines day and braced for orders so I have all the tools I needed for this bouquet. I folded the paper bills to make them look like roses and attached them to barbeque sticks. Yes, barbeque sticks! That was when I found out it's a lot easier to use barbeque sticks for heavier flowers like a realistic rose or a realistic sunflower. So the next time I have to create a realistic sunflower, I'm not going to use up 3 or 4 floral wires, instead, I'm just going to use barbeque sticks. That's more economical and I am assured that it won't look like it's wilting.


Grandma loved the flowers, of course, the cash in there too. I'd love me some money bouquet too. Maybe I should plant some seeds of suggestion to my husband as early as now for the next flower bouquet giving season. Or maybe I'll just make myself one. Coz just like Miley Cyrus said, I can buy myself flowers. Or better yet, I can make myself flowers. Whatever. I am just so happy and so proud of this bouquet.


Copy of Nanay Romeski (4 x 1.5 in) (2.5 x 1.5 in) (2 x 1 in) (3 x 1 in) (4 x 3 in) (2.5 x 1.5 in) (3 x 1.5 in).png


Happy si Lola yarn! hehe. Congrats on making the first realistic sunflower, sis. Nakakaubos energy talaga yan. That is why I always introduce to my buyers yung single petals lang na sunflower at walang bukol2 sa gitna. Haha, I think 3x lang ako nakagawa ng ganun. Nasa 350 pesos na rin yung price ko ng ganyan dahil nga sobrang detailed and hassle. But I guess the next time na gagawa ka ng ganyan, dika na sobrang maiistress. hehe

And the whole bouquet is beautiful. 😍 Galing na magwrap ahh. hehe. Cheers to more crochet flower bouquets in the future.

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Sobrang proud ako sa wrap ko na yan. Haha. Nakakatuwa. Kasi pagtapos ng lahat ng orasyon, nagustuhan ko yung kinalabasan. Nect kong itatry yung walang bumps at ueah, ung 1 layer lang na petals. Nakakaubos ng energy ung sobrang detailed eh.

These are so cute!! This bouquet of flowers will last much longer and be a treasure. Aren't grandmas so cute and special? Mine just turned 80 - and her sisters name was Lola, same as my daughter. Thanks for sharing - gorgeous work.

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Yeah they are adorable and really so sweet and funny.

Wow that is so cute,i badly want to learn crochet 😻

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Once you learned how to crochet, yoylu'll really never stop crocheting. It's the most relaxing hobby you'll ever have.

That is a beautiful gift for gran. Lovely work

I love the sunflowers you made. It is looking like the real one. It’s so beautiful
Nice one!

I also have the same feeling when I go to buy yarns
I’m unable to pick so I feel like picking everything home
The flowers look pretty and I’m glad you kept on telling yourself to trust the process .

Wah... Nice one! You are truly talented..

In this way, every time things are made with threads, it takes a lot of work, takes a lot of time, and then they become more beautiful and then they are attached to the clothes.

This is an Amazing artwork. Congrats.

Beautiful flowers 😍
you did a great job crocheting

So adorable experiencing grandparents love, I didn't have that opportunity.
Your crochet sunflowers is splendid.... 🥰