For Less Spills Try Crochet Coasters.

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Hello Hallo Hola!

It's a sunny and beautiful Tuesday, a day worthy of some creativity. I usually like it very much when I and the weather are in sync. By ‘ in sync’ with the weather, I mean whenever I finish a crochet project just as the sun rises. It's an amazing feeling because I know that crafts captured with sunlight/ natural light always look outstanding.

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The crochet item I'm sharing today is something many of us use in our homes and for those who do not have it, you definitely need to get one. A mini crochet coaster.

A coaster is a small mat for a cup or a bottle and it always pays to have a coaster around. Especially if you are one who works with electronic gadgets or you are terrified of scratching your beautiful table tops.


I made it a point of duty to always stay hydrated as the sun has been really gracious with its rays of recent. Staying hydrated entails walking around with water or any liquid I feel like taking at the moment.


I resorted to sachet water but I found out that my table was always getting messed up with spilled water and on a few occasions, the spilled water almost got in contact with my electronic devices. This would have been totally disastrous, so I switched to bottles.

With the cold bottles of water came another problem–drips(condensation created by cold water). Somewhere along the line, I got the idea to make absorbent coasters that would help sip in the dripping water and at the same time, prevent my table top from becoming a total mess.

For starters, I made square shaped coasters and after making them, I felt I should make more of them in different shapes and designs too.


For this particular set of coasters, I used a pattern that I feel looks really lovely. It has two sides to it; one side looks like a regular single crochet stitch pattern and the other side has a few hatches or lines.


With my 5.0mm hook and some scrap yarn, I got to work. This is a really good way to use all the spare yarns you have laying around. Making these coasters was quite easy, easier than I could have imagined. It follows a pattern of two rows and that is pretty much everything.


I started by making nineteen chains and on the second row, I made only single crochet stitches. For row three, I made a single crochet stitch in the first space, pulled up a loop and went ahead to make another single crochet stitch in the hole below. This leaves me with three loops . Finally, I yarned over and pulled through the three loops. I repeated this for every other hole on the third row. The rest of the project was a repetition of row two and row three.


For the ruffles, I cut loose strings of the yarn I was using and with my hook, I attached them in threes. After every two spaces, I put three strings of yarn and fastened it off.


I was so pleased with the texture and pattern of the first coaster that I decided to make a second in the same shape and pattern. One thing I like about square shaped items is that they could also look like diamonds, it just depends on the angle you're viewing from.


After carefully scrutinising the coasters, I realised that they looked really similar to the magic carpet Aladdin rode in the movie Aladdin but just smaller.


The colours I used were plain colours which seem somewhat bland. Nonetheless, I like the outcome. This would prevent spilled liquid (if only I remember to drop the bottles on the coaster) and also contribute to the aesthetic of my table top.


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This is one of the things I love about crochet. There is always a crochet item for every problem. Haha. Beautiful crochet coasters! You could also make crochet placemats to match the coasters. :)

The place mats would be a great addition🤭 and yes, I agree with you, there can a crochet item for every problem.


As always, your work is very nice. And I really like the colors you use. It makes what you do stand out to the eye. I am particularly a lover of colors that pop 💟

Oh, this is amazing then.

Thank you so very much and I'm glad you like the project 😊

Really pretty, Top kid. I !LUV it!


Hehe. Thank you babygirl😘


You did amazing 🤩
Keep up with the good work 🙏

Darling Sommy, thank you so much.

You are highly Welcome

This is lovely, it looks simple to make, I think I'm gonna try it.

You should definitely try. I would love to see it. And if you get stuck, I'd be here😉