NEEDLEWORKMONDAY-Pequeños pasos, trabajos a pedido.[Small steps, custom work.]

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Feliz lunes needleworkers 😊 espero que esta semana estén muy bien, yo tuve un pequeño resfriado que duro dos días, nada grave pero seguí haciendo las cosas que siempre hago jajaja no vengo descansando tanto como debería pero prometo tomarme las cosas con más calma, pero quería terminar unas cosas que eran de entrega casi urgente y no podían demorar más.

Happy Monday needleworkers 😊 I hope you are doing very well this week, I had a small cold that lasted two days, nothing serious but I continued doing the things I always do hahaha I haven't been resting as much as I should but I promise to take things more calmly, but I wanted to finish some things that were almost urgently delivered and could not take any longer.


Vengo tomando algunos pedidos cuando puedo y estoy en plan de ir armando algo para empezar a coser a pedido o algo así, pero no tengo definido todavía como voy a hacerlo aún jajaja, estoy intentando las cosas de a poco, hay mucho trabajo por detrás de esto, y muchos miedo a vencer, pero es cuestión de empezar a hacer las cosas que sean necesarias.

I have been taking some orders when I can and I am planning to put together something to start sewing to order or something like that, but I have not yet defined how I am going to do it hahaha, I am trying things little by little, there is a lot of work behind This, and many fears to overcome, but it is a matter of starting to do the things that are necessary.


Para este pedido use una de las telas que compré hace un tiempo y les mostré, en este caso estoy usando broderie elastizado, por un momento la idea era hacer una camisa, pero al ser la tela tan elástica sugerí hacer una especie de remera con esta tela, ya que hacer la parte delantera de la camisa iba a ser un poco caótico y era mejor asegurarme que las cosas quedaran bien y bonitas.

For this order I used one of the fabrics that I bought a while ago and showed you, in this case I am using elasticized broderie, for a moment the idea was to make a shirt, but since the fabric is so elastic I suggested making a kind of t-shirt with this fabric, since making the front of the shirt was going to be a bit chaotic and it was better to make sure things turned out nice and nice.


El paso previo y la molderia que dio origen a esto es la camisa que había hecho en lienzo, fue una prueba de calce que salió bien, pero que al final por la tela que el cliente quería no se podía realizar exactamente.

The previous step and the molding that gave rise to this is the shirt that I had made in canvas, it was a fit test that went well, but in the end due to the fabric that the client wanted it could not be done exactly.
IMG_20240117_124057_290.jpg IMG_20240117_125558_059.jpg

Estoy trabajando en mi confianza y mis habilidades con este tipo de trabajos, pero no se me da de forma tan perfecta como me gustaría jajajja, no es que haya algo mal, sino que siempre comparó mis trabajos con otros industriales, pero estoy cada día más decidida a que la solución sería comprar una máquina collareta para poder hacer esto mucho mejor, pero hay que ahorrar mucho y solo trabajando será posible.

I am working on my confidence and my skills with this type of work, but I am not as perfect as I would like hahaha, it is not that there is something wrong, but I have always compared my jobs with other industrialists, but I am getting more and more determined that the solution would be to buy a collar machine to be able to do this much better, but you have to save a lot and only by working will it be possible.


El cuello de esta blusa este hecho con una vista interna es mi forma favorita de hacer cuellos, aunque en mis últimas prendas los cuellos mejoraron y mucho, esta blusa tenía que quedar un poco elegante así que esa terminación era necesaria.

The collar of this blouse is made with an internal view, it is my favorite way to make collars, although in my last garments the collars improved a lot, this blouse had to be a little elegant so that finish was necessary.


Tiene varias partes que hay que ir ensamblando antes de hacer la prenda entera, así que me dispuse a hacer eso, como es una tela elastizada todo lo cosí con mi maquina overlook, es bueno tenerla para este tipo de prendas de punto.
Lo difícil en esto fueron los ruedos, tanto de las mangas como el bajo, pero con mucha paciencia se logró, y así es como este trabajo estaba listo.

It has several parts that must be assembled before making the entire garment, so I set out to do that, since it is an elasticized fabric, I sewed everything with my overlook machine, it is good to have it for this type of knitted garments. The difficult part in this was the hems, both the sleeves and the hem, but with a lot of patience it was achieved, and that is how this work was ready.


IMG_20240210_210935_524.jpg IMG_20240210_214643_121.jpg IMG_20240210_165015_352.jpg

También aproveché para terminar al fin el pantalón que tuve que agrandar, solo faltaba ponerle el elástico que es el que compré en rollo hace poco, esto me ayudo bastante a ahorrar ya que esto también fue un trabajo pago.

I also took the opportunity to finally finish the pants that I had to enlarge, I just needed to put the elastic on them, which is the one I bought in a roll recently, this helped me save a lot since this was also a paid job.
IMG_20240205_094101_179.jpg IMG_20240205_100752_099.jpg IMG_20240205_100756_306.jpg

Así es como esta semana que pasó termine con ambas cosas y se suma un poco más a mis ahorros para empezar la facultad jajaja creo que será un año de mucho trabajo, pero ansiosa de enfrentar nuevos retos :3.
Hasta la próxima ❤️ Yowi.

This is how this past week I finished with both things and it adds a little more to my savings to start college hahaha I think it will be a year of a lot of work, but eager to face new challenges :3. Until next time ❤️ Yowi.


Group 195 (1).png

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Todas las fotos fueron tomadas por mí
All photos were taken by me


Actually with sewing we have to work on our confidence with every project since we are not sure or perfect at all and mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes we just turn some mistakes and adjust them to become what people will love and appreciate

Yes, I think it's easier for me when I sew something for myself, there is less pressure on them.

I’m actually surprised to hear that you’re not perfect with this typed of work
For me you did a great job and I love it
I haven’t even tried making this because I feel it will be disastrous but you did a great job with this
And it was so cool that you were able to do that alterations with the pant

Aww, thank you very much, I always find something that doesn't convince me in the designs or things, but it's also a matter of practicing a little more. At first it will be disastrous but everything gets better later.

That’s the beauty of it

Sorry about your health and I’m glad tat you are getting better now
I love this design you made. It looks simple and classy

Thank you very much :3 I'm almost 100% haha that was the idea, I'm glad you like it :3 greetings


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