Ready for November?! We are doing something NEW!!!

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It's time to begin our DREEMPORT BREAK WEEK, and I'm so glad that it's finally arrived! This was a nice long, full challenge that had a ton of heart! But now it's time to move to our next chapter and see what's in store for us to try in November!

As always, we love trying new things as a group!

  1. It's not as scary.
  2. We get to learn together
  3. There is no more procrastinating! The challenge begins and you're invited! no more "maybe next week" just join in with the group and have a blast!

I'm super excited that for this challenge we have a PRO that actually BEGAN this movement 15 years ago! What movement?

Image by Laura Ross

The NaPodPoMo ! That's right.... we are jumping into PODCASTING!!! and Jennifer Navarrete (@epodcaster on Hive) is the founder!

DO NOT WORRY! You're not alone and you will have TONS of fun and TONS of help!

During the break week, you're invited to an interview with Jennifer on the twitter Hive Space with @alessandrawhite and @shadowspub this coming Tuesday!

I would HIGHLY recommend that you join into that , follow these amazing ladies and ask questions! This will be a great opportunity to get to know people and start to mingle!

You will also get some amazing tips to start your first assignment - which is creating your preview for your podcast!

I'm SO looking forward to this month of November! I never considered podcasting but now is the BEST time to try it out with a bunch of dreemers and our PRO Jennifer Navarette leading the way!!! If you miss out on this month, you are absolutely going to be missing out on a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to be working right alongside someone who can give you the BEST launch into this world. COME TRY!!!! Don't miss out!!! Don't let fear or nerves stop you - Just TRY IT!

Come join in!


NaPodPoMo Links:

FB Group
Twitter Hashtag
Hive Community
Hive NaPodPoMo Account

Thanks to @shadowspub, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @jamerussell, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️


Oh my! Podcast? Well, I'm not going to chicken out even truly that is what I feel like doing right now 😁. Like you said it will be so much fun to do it with the family, there will be a lot of knowledge going round, hehehe.

Good luck to us Dreemers, @quduus1 come check this out. I will talk to you later, just tag Dreemsteem if you have any questions 😊.

Lol 🤣
I understand nothing I swear lolz please come back and help me because I am lost lolz

@dreemsteem please help me out I am Lost totally 😥😥😥

Hahaha, you are not in dreemport right? I will message you soon 😊

I am but I am not a fast learner to be honest..and I get migraines when I full my head up to much and everything tangles up🥺🥺🥺

You don't have to be a fast learner dear 😊

Hmmmm indeed, same with the speak peace and now this, everything just seems so fast

Hehe, you just have to stay from being a dreemer first 😊

come to the Hive Space show tomorrow on Twitter with @epodcaster! :)

Okay I will find my dear tomorrow , thank you ma

The great thing about the weekly #HiveSpace sessions on Twitter Spaces is the fact they are recorded. Which makes on demand listening even easier.

Okay ma. What time is it today???

hehehe be sure to come to the Hive Space show on Twitter with @epodcaster to start getting ready for the month of November!!! you'll be able to ask questions live and get started hehehe

I'm currently not on Twitter, I have problems with my account and I have to open a new account and that is really making me feel sad and lazy to open another account 😔. I really hope I can participate in this challenge, I have to challenge myself to participate I guess, oh boy!

Yes! This is going to be such a fun challenge. 🎤🎧

Yes it is, I just hope I can be a part of this challenge, I have so many things that might be an hindrance this time. Let's see how it goes.

Woohoo! DreemPort + NaPodPoMo = Podcast Extravaganza!

Podcasting? Wow.. That would be great.. Good luck to dreemers 😊

Okay 👌 I'm going to click on the link 🔗's and join up with this. I believe If anything I might be A Dreamer to.

hehehe always happy to meet new dreemers! :) I'm really looking forward to this challenge. I have a few things that I'm contemplating making my podcast about.

It's funny when we think about stuff like that - cuz my first inclination is " who cares about that at all??" LOL but you just never know who you can connect with. what part of your story can actually meet another person's needs - or even just be interesting to others!
so... here we go! LOL

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thank you as always my friend @bhattg :)

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Thank you!

done @arcange! :)

happy to support :)

Thank you for your support @dreemsteem, really appreciate it! 👍

ah you're very welcome! :)

Scared hahaha... but in 😂💗


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