Announcing Hivemind X: Who wants to run a node?

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It has been about 4 months since ideation, 7 weeks and about 1,000 lines of code and... the Native Ads beta version is finally ready!

Hivemind X

That's the name I've given my fork of Hivemind :)

It's a testbed to develop new Hivemind features, run them in the wild and see what happens.

I prepared the repo for the workflow I intend to utilize as I continue working on new features. The README describes the features I have in the pipeline.

What's next?

I'm looking for partners who are willing to run a Hivemind node with my code and make API endpoints available to front-ends. I expect to make the first release available next week. I still have a few loose ends to tie up this week.

This release will contain the Native Ads (beta) feature only. All other features are still in pre-alpha and no code has been written yet.

As Native Ads is in beta, we may encounter bugs, which I will work on, in close collaboration with the partners.

I will be developing the other planned features in parallel, on development branches. When any of these enter beta and are stable enough to join the master branch, I will merge into master, make a release and then partners can upgrade their nodes, making them available to front-ends.

So, if you're interested in running a node, get in touch and we will work on this together :)

Discord: imwatsi #8991

The entire Hivemind X codebase is open source and MIT licensed, so it can be merged upstream, modified or used freely. To see the code, check out my fork of Hivemind on GitHub.


Really look forward to seeing how this ends up looking. Cool idea.


I hope we get a node up soon so front-end devs can start experimenting with the new features.

Still early days, but I'm pleased with the progress so far.

Sounds pretty interesting

sounds amazing .. what are the node's requirements for it ?

The same as for Hivemind Core. Quoting this from the README (approx.):


  • 2.5GB of memory for hive sync process
  • 250GB storage for database

And then there's the bandwidth for reading every new block that's added to the chain in realtime (after the initial sync).

what kind of connection does that take?

The max block size is 65KB, but the average block size is less than that. So I'd say the average connection should be good enough.

Are you on Discord? Let's talk about it.


Hi, I'm only a beginner on steem and I don't get what "hives" are, can you point me to some docs to read the basics about it please?

Here's a start - I am "notadev" but this looks like good snacks for someone who is....
p.s. you'll see this is out dated but it'll get you on a path if not there already.

thank you

You can read Hivemind's README and the Communities Design Doc to get up to speed :)

thank you


Wondering if the idea is to eventually merge these new features to the regular Hivemind codebase, so that regular Hivemind nodes will support them?


However, it's possible that some features will not be merged into Hivemind Core, since the decision is not mine to make. In which case, they will be available on Hivemind X only.

I deliberately implement all new features in a way that maintains compatibility with Hivemind Core, so they can be easily merged at will.

Both versions will benefit from each other's development. For example, I will merge all updates made on the core protocol into Hivemind X to keep it compatible. Any improvements that I can make to the base protocol (apart from the new features I'm developing) can also be merged upstream.

Another perspective to view this from is that this relieves Steemit Inc of some of the costs that innovation and experimentation entails (such as dev time, opportunity cost, etc).

Thanks! Fantastic!

Love the work you are doing @imwatsi !

Thanks :)

Amazing Stuff!!!

Thank you!

Sounds like a great initiative and makes good example of how independent developers can inhance the usability of the Steem ecosystem. Hope that this spurs others to take up the challenge and contribute quality code since the Steem dev team is small and can gain much from talented volunteers. Wishing Hivemind X much success.

Yes, distributed collaboration goes a long way :)

What's the "featured" tag all about?

It means the post has been featured by Steemit. You can read more here.

Ok, thanks for the info!

every hive has a queen, who is it? ;D

How do I run hive mind node?


Great work @imwatsi. Looking forward to test Hivemind X features. Happy to see independant dev build things and make them available for the community.

is it still profitable to run master nodes?

Hello, thank's for sharing your project, will take a look at it. (I'm able to run nodes/endpoints

Great. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you decide to run a node :)

what are system requirements to run a node? pretty sure I have what it takes

I'm interested!

Really look forward to seeing how this will unfold