Up for Discussions - EOS Nation shakes things up, Binance startes staking (and voting) Ft. Jimmy D of Trybe.One

Hello everyone, so every Sunday we hold a public meeting in our discord channel to go over some of the things we’ve been working on in the back as well as to talk about some of the content that have been posted on Discussions.

If you would like to have to share your thoughts on some of the things we bring up, free to leave a reply on this thread, or any of the Discussions threads mentioned below, we’ll be watching those threads for comments.



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  1. Boid Crossword - This coming Mon/Tues
  2. PUML Meme Contest - Soon.

Content Discussions with Special Guest - Jimmy D.

  1. EOS Nation and Attic Lab proposes WPS to fund network projects backed by 3.5 million EOS accumulated in system fees. - #eos
  2. EOS Nation to remove system backlist that froze funds. - How they saw the Steem situation.

Break/Partner Update:

  1. John Heeter of Boid proposes a new fee calculation model.
  2. BlockBase showcases thousands of trx per second on blockchain database

Content discussions continues:

  1. Binance clarifies move and stake of 4 million EOS. But questions linger on how it will select BPs.
  2. Brendan Blumer praises Binance for participation in governance, but community not ready to join the chorus after their involvement in bringing down the Steem blockchain.
  3. The EOSIO Socials Voicers Have Forgot: Part 1 - Microblogging Platforms of EOSIO

One of the quotes from our free speech quote contest.