Somewhere Out There (2007) Pilot Episode: John Hutchison, Ralph Ring, Jeff Behary

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In this video I have uploaded a 2007 pilot episode titled Somewhere Out There by Dominique Radwanski in which she and Rob Simone interview zero point energy researcher John Hutchison, flying saucer technician Ralph Ring, and electrotherapy museum founder Jeff Behary. According to Dominique Radwanski, the pilot episode was originally going to be aired on the Discovery Channel but they wanted to edit out much of it and remove the message about rising consciousness. The show starts off by visiting John Hutchison in his then Vancouver apartment lab where he recreates his famous Hutchison Effect. The second interview is with Ralph Ring, whom is a technician for Otis Carr (protégé of Nikola Tesla) while they were allegedly building flying saucers. The last interview is with Jeff Behary, the founder of the famous electrotherapy museum in Riviera Beach, Florida. This pilot episode is rare footage that I had not seen until John Hutchison himself sent me the video.

Somewhere Out There.jpeg

After uploading this video, I found out that Dominique Radwanski had died at the age of 36 in 2016. Her body had been found in the waters of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada after she left her home the night before. Her family says she had suffered from a medical condition, and the cause of death is still unknown. Here is a song of her paintings dedicated to her life:

Original videos and more links:


  • Intro: 0:00
  • John Hutchison: 0:53
  • Ralph Ring: 13:24
  • Jeff Behary: 30:52
  • Outro and Credits: 45:07

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