Rare Footage of the Hutchison Effect inside John's Vancouver Apartment (2007)

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In this video I have uploaded a rare 2007 look inside John Hutchison's Vancouver, Canada apartment which also shows him operating his military equipment for a live demonstration of the Hutchison Effect. This was the first interview in Dominique Radwanski's pilot episode titled Somewhere Out There, which never got aired. Dominque Radwanski and Rob Simone drove from Los Angeles, USA to Vancouver, Canada to visit John's unique apartment full of old Navy and military electromagnetic equipment. This is the first footage that I have seen that shows John in full operation mode as he tinkers with knobs and turns a coil phase shifting wheel. After a few minutes a plastic canister in the test area begins to levitate and rotate freely. John also discusses how the Canadian government had previously confiscated his lab in 1990 (or 1991) while he was traveling in Europe. The governments of the world know full well of this technology, which can provide free energy and anti-gravity for all, but instead are covering it up for their own selfish purposes.

The full episode and sections playlist is listed below:


  • Somewhere out there someone knows the truth: 0:00
  • John Hutchison's apartment balcony: 1:19
  • HutchisonEffectOnline.com is now HutchisonEffect.com: 1:50
  • John's toilet: 4:00
  • John was raided by the government in 1990/1991 while he was in Europe: 5:20
  • John running an experiment on the Hutchison Effect: 6:02
  • John in his command station: 7:14
  • Powering up the energy: 8:15
  • Plastic bottle starts levitating and spinning: 9:40
  • Steel knife merged into aluminum: 10:40
  • Government covers up Zero Point Energy: 11:27

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