Problems Plus 14: NEXT LEVEL Algebraic Manipulation for a Division of 2 P-Series

in MES Science7 months ago

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In this video I solve the division of two p-series and perform some truly amazing algebraic manipulations to simplify and solve the problem. I start off by realizing that the division involves absolutely convergent 2 p-series since p is greater than 1. If a series is absolutely convergent than it is also convergent, that is the alternating positive and negative signs won't affect the convergence. I perform some truly amazing algebraic manipulations on the top series to get it in the form of the bottom one, and which results in obtaining our starting expression. After some cancellations, we can then obtain a final simplified answer. Truly amazing stuff!

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Problem 14: 0:00
  • Solution: 0:46
  • NEXT LEVEL algebraic manipulation: 2:42
  • Final answer: 11:31

This video was taken from my earlier video listed below:

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▶️ 3Speak

 7 months ago  

This video was taken from my earlier video listed below:


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