Scooter Maintenance Schedules

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When I bought my Honda PCX 150, it had less than 900 miles on it. It's a 2013 model. So, you can guess that the previous owners hardly rode it, averaging 100 miles per year. Even though it's almost ten years old, the low mileage was the deciding factor in buying it. Today, the scooter is just over 4100 miles. It is time I start looking at service intervals.

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Looking at the Honda PCX 150 owner's manual, it appears that maintenance is recommended every 2500 miles or so. Some of it is merely inspection. But there are also recommendations to check or replace. Here is a breakdown of all the maintenance items and their intervals:
• Replace spark plug every 5000 miles
• Check valve clearance every 2500 miles
• Replace engine oil every 5000 miles
• Clean engine oil strainer screen every 7500 miles
• Inspect fuel line every 2500 miles
• Inspect throttle operation every 2500 miles
• Replace air cleaner every 10000 miles
• Check crankcase breather every 2500 miles
• Inspect engine idle speed every 2500 miles
• Inspect radiator coolant every 5000 miles
• Inspect cooling system every 5000 miles
• Inspect drive belt every 5000 miles
• Replace drive belt every 15000 miles
• Inspect brake fluid every 2500 miles
• Inspect brake shoes and pads every 2500 miles
• Inspect brake system every 2500 miles
• Inspect brake light switch every 2500 miles
• Inspect brake lock operation every 2500 miles
• Inspect headlight aim every 2500 miles
• Inspect clutch shoes wear every 5000 miles
• Inspect side stand every 2500 miles
• Inspect suspension every 2500 miles
• Inspect nuts, bolts, fasteners every 5000 miles
• Inspect wheels and tires every 2500 miles
• Inspect steering head bearings every 7500 miles

Unfortunately, the owner's manual does not give much detail about how to inspect, check, or replace. I think the intent is that you either already know what to do, or you'll take your bike to the Honda dealer.

Fortunately, YouTube has videos from many people showing how to perform simple and advanced maintenance. One YouTube channel that has been a great help for me is Mitch's Scooter Stuff.

I used YouTube to remove the rear wheel when I had a flat tire. I was then able to drive the wheel over to the shop to have a new tire installed. The great thing about the videos is that they often also tell you what tools you'll need. I have even purchased a variator and clutch spanner to help in the removal of the variator and clutch when it comes time to service them.

I have no experience doing scooter maintenance. However, after watching the videos, I feel like I can take on the challenge. It is only difficult the first time. Afterward, it becomes routine. I hope.

Some day, the problem will be too complex for me to figure out. Or, it will be difficult to find parts. I expect that I will have to drop off the scooter at a shop when that happens. The circumstances will likely involve the electronic components or an engine rebuild. From what I have learned, variators, clutches and belts are sold routinely. I feel confident I can manage this level of maintenance.

In my limited experience, most of the trouble in servicing the Honda PCX 150 is in removing all the fairings to reach the areas underneath for service. And some of the fairings are brittle. I already cracked one when I was installing the top box.

As I become more familiar with my scooter, I can foresee making modifications in future, nothing crazy.