the confectionery factory is the reason why I draw little and take little pictures now.

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The reason why I paint a little now, for a long time.

The news is absolutely amazing not only for myself, but also for most of my loved ones. Life is such an unpredictable thing that you don't know where the next turn will lead. Mine brought me to the yarmarka_tortov_chita confectionery factory, where I will now help to make "beautiful" and "tasty". Now it's time to learn to paint in a new way, to understand dyes and the peculiarities of working on different surfaces and become even more "universal" artists, able to draw a variety of illustrations quickly and efficiently.

So far, I just painted a few cakes, a couple of dozen gingerbread and joined the team.

But you know that:

Further more ! ❤️

Причина по которой я мало рисую сейчас, долгое время.

Новости - совершенно удивительные не только для меня самой, но и для большинства моих близких. Жизнь такая непредсказуемая штука, что неизвестно, куда ведёт следующий поворот. Мой привёл меня на кондитерскую фабрику yarmarka_tortov_chita , где я теперь буду помогать делать «красиво» и «вкусно». Теперь пришла пора учиться рисовать по новому, разбираться в красителях и особенностях работы на разных поверхностях и становиться ещё более «универсальным» художников, способным отрисовать самые разные иллюстрации быстро и качественно.

Пока что я только расписала несколько тортов, пару десятков пряников и влилась в коллектив.

Но вы то у меня знаете, что:

Дальше - больше ! ❤️


Send me that cake, because i wanna eat this :D Nice job! Maybe i wil ltell my wife to do that hmmm

I think if she tries she will succeed. The main thing is to get started =)

Ahaaa... An expert will always deliver no matter where he finds himself.

you are one of those people that are very skilled in this artwork and every single time you do it, it makes me to wonder how you were able to acquire such skill.

Well Done Dear
This is fantastic ✅

This new environment that you moved into will help to boost your creativity and raise it to a whole new level.

Each time it becomes easier and easier for me to draw. But I can't say it's easy.
Indeed, this is a lot of work.
I try and worry.
But I like it =)
Thank you!

I like this Fox one :)) cool works :)

Thank you!
yes, he is very cute =)

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que bonito tu trabajo amiga c: