I continue to design my Patrion. Roy and White for him)

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I continue to design my Patrion - I hope we will launch it next week. Here is a picture with Roy and White for him) It will be small - therefore, so not worked out in terms of details)

They turned out so cute, I would like to stroke, only in the presence of David) Or maybe a serious bite and a tsap)

The program in which I paint Paint Tool SAI.

And here's what happened with my art:

💙 The Engineers' Embryos and Ship Icon Pack.

💙 A set of icons with a small defect (scuff or scratches, visible only if you look closely).

💙 Stickers "embryos" (neomorphic, face-grabbing, xenchik)

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What you liked more? ALien or Predator?

They look so cute :)

Awesome work my friend looks amazing I'm a super fan of aliens predator and also the terminator.

What a great job!