Friends - Original Watercolor Painting

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Once, I used to tell people that friendships are made in heaven. The closeness and connection shared by these two friends is captured well in this artwork. This painting depicts two friends attempting to chew on a betel leaf together. Which is something that may be found in the culture of Bangladeshi villages. Betel leaf is consumed by close to ninety percent of the elderly people living in rural areas of Bangladesh. They are affected with it despite the fact that they are unaware of the potential adverse effects it may have. And it's something they do on a regular basis. It is impossible to imagine a gathering that does not involve the consumption of betel leaves by some of the attendees.


Processing Photos:





Art type-

Material Used-
• Sketchbook
• Brush type: round
• Brush size: 0,1,5,8
• Watercolors
• Palette
• Container of water
• Empty jar & tissue papers

The painting is painted and captured by me.

The major subjects of the painting:

Thank you-
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