Portrait Drawing on Black Paper.

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Hello to everyone.

I'm with you again with portrait drawing. This time I tried to paint a portrait of our charismatic African brother.

I make different posts here from time to time. Hive gives us so many options to share. Apart from the drawings, pets and shadow posts attract my attention. You see my drawings mostly on black paper. I like to draw on black paper. Good results can be obtained with small touches. I hope you like this drawing I made.

Drawing Stages:






Hope to see you again in other drawings. I wish everyone a healthy and happy day. Good bye.

CamScanner 05-27-2020 11.16.21.jpg



This is a great work. I have not has the opportunity making draws with black paper, but seems son cool. Congrats.

Thank you very much @nicxi. 🌸
I am glad you like it.

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You become verified artist of nerday-community

Thank you. I am honored to be a part of this beautiful community.

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Feel fre to ask anything in discord

Of course, thanks

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You are the best artist I see can you create something for my girlfriend

Like what?
I try to do my best.

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Anything that you like

You or your girlfriend might not like something I like, right? This is a big responsibility for me. If you tell me exactly what you want, I will try my best.