Portrait drawing with pink and blue ball point pen, i just ran out of pink color

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Hello everyone, i am here to share a new portrait drawing with you all. As you have red in the title that i ran out of pink color. which is why her hair looks a bit weird. I guess the hair is weird generally without me messing it up with color. I didn't realized for so long i was drawing with that single pink ball point pen and didn't occur to me to keep a spare one.

Unfortunately they are not available in the shops that are close to me. Might be a while since i get another. This time perhaps i will buy a few extra since i am really enjoying this.

Here are some process shots:



Reference image used for this drawing.

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Your drawing is so beautiful and colorful, it looks even better to use different colored pens!

thanks, since i ran out of pink now i am thinking of merging all blue, violet and red colors into my next drawings

Nice drawing.
The colors does suits the art.

 2 years ago  

Amazing work... you should make a video / Timelapse of your process ... earn thousands a month on Youtube and HideoutTV...

Yeah, i tried that a few times. Even shared them here, didnt really work. Besides its too frustrating to set up every time. Since i dont finish a drawing in one sitting... Thanks for the suggestion anyway

 2 years ago  

Yeah it works best with really quick digital drawings on autodesk Sketchbook app

Amazing artwork
@tipu curate

Me sorprende como se da a notar la hermosa imagen con el paso a paso, post como estos me dan ganas de dibujar más seguidoo, Saludoos!

Que buen dibujo me encanta como usas los colores y como valorisas con lineas las sombras del rostro, que buen trabajo, saludos

very colorful nice art

Nice portrait and excellent pen and ink work also good color choices.

Woww, I think you are one of does great artist I will like to know more. Although I am new here and I've gone through a lot of posts by many people everything seems so nice but to be honest this one is one of the most beautiful one I saw❤️

ball pen painting very beautiful.

Buen dibujo me encanta tu estilo

Awesome great working ✌

Very beautiful creation with complete illustration.

Hi, I'm new to this community and just wanted to say This is a Beautiful Portrait. Her hair is NOT weird it's ethnic and beautiful. Keep using and sharing your gifts and talents like this You're Amazing. God Bless.

me encanta tu trabajo!

Nice sketch! I like the color combinations :D

Despite what you say, I think it turned out really cool. XD

Nice drawing ,l love it💕💕💕

Greetings, beautiful portrait ! the works in pen have always seemed to me so beautiful, but also very complex, simply beautiful !