Nerday.voter is now LIVE! Add Delegation for Rewards & Secret DEFI NERDAY Project!

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We are proud to release the Nerday Voter.

Let's jump right now into the details and break the basics down, along with a HUGE special project that is coming. Joining the Nerday Voter as a delegator is going to be a huge benefit for early supports make sure to keep reading!

What is Nerday Voter?

Nerday Voter is a curation system. This account will be used to continue curating all content that is apart of the Nerday Community on Hive, and all content which is displayed on is a Community Site, for only Nerday community content!

By delegating to Nerday Voter you are doing a few things:

  • Supporting the Largest Community on Hive for Nerday Art, Crypto and various NERDY content
  • Enabling yourself to receive part of the 100% curation rewards. The payouts are paid out weekly, and we are estimating that the APY will be roughly 30%!

Secret DEFI/NFT Project

The Nerday team is busy working a DEFI offering for the Nerday Community! This is going to usher in the new NERD token! The NERD token will be built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and offer the NERDAY community a way to liquidity MINE the first ever Nerd Governance token.

The governance token will give you special access to the secondardy NFT offerings that will be exclusive on


While we have only given a small taste for the upcoming liquidity mining pools, we have a post later this week that will go into far great detail for them.

Currently the best way to get active is by delegating HIVE to the @nerday.voter account to start receiving weekly liquidte layouts, and also supporting the Nerday Community on Hive!



Excellent @nerday.voter , you just received 100Hp Delegates from my Account.

Thank you @ykroys We appreciate the support and it's great to have you apart of Nerday Community :-)

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I just delegated about half of my HP. Thank you for the support. Wish I had more, but would definitely add to it soon.♥️

Wow, this is such great news. I wish I can be of support

Great news!!

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Can’t wait for the NERDAY NFT market .... creating some now...