Miss Fury, Pin-Up

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miss fury pin-up.png

More Real Superheroines in traditional comic style rather than that scribble-airbrush technique that I usually use for the strip.

Miss Fury has her claws out, that's how you know she means business.

It occurs to me that Miss Fury has barely made any appearances in the strip wearing her superheroine costume. She's been in bikinis, an evening dress, a towel, naked. But I think has only been in-costume for about 3 or 4 panels in Chapter 1 when she tuned up Phantom Lady.

Maybe part of it, it's just a pain to draw. See those narrow red lines that are outlines by two thin black parallel lines. It's hard to draw long straight lines. Also, the black lines are close enough together that I can't use the paint bucket fill tool, so I usually have to color in the red using a pen which just takes up time. And the reason I can generate so many panels a week is because I went with the fastest drawing techniques I could reasonably use and still have decent quality.

I think the next time she appears I'll try just drawing the thin red lines on a separate layer than just apply a black outline of 3 px to it. That might work.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Want proof? Here it is in timelapse video:


So do you optimise costumes for fast drawing generally? At least you have these digital tools to make it a little easier.


Yes, I try to. The original Moon Girl costume from the 1930's has pointy shoulder pads. I hate pointy shoulder pads. They are hard to draw from every angle except straight on. That being said, my version of Miss Fury is way more complicated than the original. It was pretty much an all-black body suit with ears and a red cape. I just thought it would be too dark to show any details. Also, I wanted to show at least a little skin.

I can only imagine what it's like when they make movies of these characters as they need something a human can actually wear and move it. I think they tend to end up with multiple versions according to the type of shot. When you draw stuff it can be less practical. All part of the fun.

I really enjoy these pinups in the more traditional comic style.


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