Crafting Made Easy (Step By Step)

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I often hear people say that craftworks are difficult. Well, it is not. Except you don't wanna try out new things and explore. Yeah, it doesn't have to be a passion although passion matters a lot too but when a person strives to do something and learn more, that is determination and not passion.

So today I am going to show you simple craftwork which you can try at home with just plain paper.
It can be used for a nice and lovely decoration.

Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • Top gum
  • Scissor
  • Pen and Pencil



The first thing to do is to draw out 15th circles on plain paper


Fold the cut papers, apply top gum to hold them together.


Continue the same process in step four until you stick all the fifteen papers and fill up the circle


Draw and Cut out another five separate piece of papers with five long pieces of papers that looks more like a rope. Gum the rope-like paper to the folded paper.


Apply gum to the tiny circles and stick it to the rope-like piece you finished earlier.


Continue applying and sticking the rope-like paper. finish with the second set


Cut out another piece of paper in a circle, shade, or paint it using blue ink and then apply gum at the back and stick it to the white surface.


The last step is that you will carve the tiniest piece of white or plain paper, paint it with blue ink and stick it to the last white surface.


Then you cut out the fifteen papers using a sharp scissor


Cut out a bigger piece of a circle and apply gum to it. Start sticking the folded circles you gummed together earlier.


After you might finish with the sticking and gumming, you turn the backside and this is will be the result


Carve our five tiny pieces of paper. Paint or shade the center or middle with blue ink.


At the backside of the petal, apply gum to two of the rope-like pieces of paper and then stick to the petal.


And then do the same thing for the last piece


Cut another white or plain paper and gum it to the blue or painted piece.

That is all for the beautiful craftwork. Step fifteen is the final stage and result of all these long processes hahahaha.

I know there are lots of steps here but I only did that to show everything so that it will be easy to follow step by step.

If you have the opportunity to try it, do let me know the result thereafter.

I will see you all next time with my craftwork.


No wonder why you asked me that question on splitting text yesterday and I am glad you used it well beyond my imagination.

The art is truly beautiful, the post is excellently constructed. I am more glad to see you having this post rewards. Well done! @zanoz

Lol yeah. And I stayed up almost all night making research to find out more.
Thanks again for the guidelines

Wow! Nice craft, it is a good decoration item. I like the colors. I've always been fond of the blue color (you can tell by my logo). I also like that you implemented a little HTML to have two columns, nice!

Looking forward to seeing more crafts from you. Keep it up!

lol, funny enough I wanted to use my best color, red but I just couldn't find my red ink. I haven't really been a fan of blue color lol.
Yeah, I implemented that thanks to the team's advice. I have been up all night doing some research on how to do better my blog post. Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate.
If I need help as per the HTML, I will come around, I am sure you know more about it

Sure, there are some cool tutorials about HTML and markdown. But I can't remember if they are in English or only Spanish.

This make me Want to make this

lol, then you should try. I want to know your result.

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This is a truly beautiful art work. Keep up with such contents.

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Congratulations @zanoz!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

It was very nice and easy to build. It's just a matter of patience @zanoz

Yes dear.😁 it requires patience

Wow, my friend, you have many talents, I loved it, I will definitely try it.

Lol, thanks, dear.
I guess!😉

Very nice :) Just one question, is top gum = Glue ? I am guessing that is what we call it where I am. Or is top gum a name brand of something you use ?

Would make a nice "reward" type of craft.

Top gum is the name of the gum I used. But you can use glue instead, I think that will be better.
Thank you so much, I really appreciate

Hahaah.... I may not be passionate enough but you're already pushing me to borrow passion from somewhere and jump into this work immediately.

You have a very enviable talent for art work & I will never get tired of saying this. You also seem to be very good in teaching because the description you gave here was well visualised for anyone that wants to give it a try.

Heheh... Fabulous. That's just how to describe this. It's a fabulous thing

Please borrow cause I can't wait for you on this passion drive🤭
Thanks for always reminding me of my talents and how incredible you think I am.
It's appreciated always😉

This decoration is really beautiful. You make it look really easy, might make one even.

Well done

It would be nice to see you try :)

Yeah, i have a lot of things i wish i did but never 😅

But Hopefully

😂😂 I understand. You are among those procrastinators

I'm Not the only one, lol

😂😂 I see you have accomplices. Way to go!

Stop messing with my head 🤣untitled.gif

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Wow! Thank you for this support I will join the discord right away