More and More Censored on YT - Sara Cunial Exposes Bill Gates For His Depopulation Plans

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This video is gettin' more and more censored on YT,
that's why i saved it on 3Speak for the sake of
Freedom, Free Speech and as an example for other politicians and celebrities to follow Sara Cunials example. As you can check in my first post about this speech, the video
with over 1 Million views has already been taken down by lame ass YT (Google).
9 days ago at the Palazzo Montecitorio ,
which is the Italian Chamber of Deputies,
Sara Cunial held this impressive fiery speech exposing the whole agenda, including also

5G,media, big pharma,tracking and of course "Kill Bill" and his depopulation plans with the help of mandatory vaccinations.

The subtitles should give you 80% of the message, and the tone in her voice speaks an own language.
Even though YT censored a lot of uploads
of the video, it keeps popping up,
which means people downloading more
and more proof of the scamdemic/plandemic
to re-upload.
That's a nice decentralized effect.
Soon they will explore platforms like 3Speak,
and Freedom of Speech wins.

Be blessed,stay safe and keep on exposing this Scamdemic/Plandemic


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Listening to her speak, you'd almost think there are politicians of independent mind and dedicated to their people rather than their careers. Maybe in Italy there are more than here in the USA, but the last American politician I had any confidence was dedicated to integrity and the people who voted him into a national position was Ron Paul.

None since, nor prior, have demonstrated walking their talk. I was born while Jack Kennedy yet lived in defiance of the CIA who he purposed to shatter into a thousand pieces and scatter in the wind. Instead they killed him, and we have been ruled by their puppets here in America ever since. Even on the village councils where I live, and certainly at broader regional and state levels, representatives worthy of trust are vanishingly few.

While Oregon can depend on Wyden, one of our Senators at the federal level, to oppose surveillance and imposition of fascist police state oppression, as he did when he offered the amendment to HR 6666 that would have prevented the warrantless surveillance of Americans that it still purports to authorize, the rest of the spineless weasels in the Senate make no pretense even to serve us and protect our liberty. And even Wyden descends to the political division on party lines when anything opposing Trump arises.

I could not have been more stunned to learn that Tulsi Gabbard, who so many have considered a reasonable Democrat, was amongst the co-sponsors of HR 6666, that desecration of our Constitution and replacement of the inherent rights of our American people with the privilege of being tagged like cattle.

Rhetoric almost without exception, when issuing from the mouth of a politician, turns out to be lies when actual policies utterly reverse our fortunes who have approved the speakers of that rhetoric.

US federal politics are no more than a distraction employed by illusionists to prevent our noting the sudden terminal excision of our rights as human beings.

I can only hope Italy might yet have some representatives that will lead in the direction their rhetoric promises. I hope she walks her talk.

I'll believe it when I see it.


You're welcome. Thanks for your words.
Keep on believing my friend, it's an inner fight of heart vs. ego, and God will recruit (wake up/strengthen the heart) of some more people in key positions. We will have to keep "pushing the truth out" epecially this and next year.
Next steps: Bill Gates & Co. get arrested and several politicians (around the world) get impeached/ arrested.
Stay ready. The world might need you ;)
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P.S.: I knew Tulsi was part of the agenda when she voted against BDS

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That's the spirit, my friend ;)
Keep on!
Maybe this here is (one of) the reason i can't post on IG no more..haha ;)

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