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Welcome to a community for all people interested in health.

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We’re naturally attracted toward food for which we’re naturally adapted, i.e. healthy food. We end up addicted to unhealthy food, as we're inspired to eat unhealthy food.
How about we inspire people live a healthy life?
When we inspire ourselves in a constructive direction, what's the downside?

These days we're encouraged to be more responsible in the name of health. Social media communities allows us to socialize on various topics. This community is a place where we can socialize with other people passionate about health.
Luckily, health doesn’t require complication. Who wants more of that in their life?

Great news: Healthy food = simple food

  • The more we process food, the less healthy it becomes.
  • The less we complicate ourselves, the healthier we are, which is what we want.

Even though health is a good goal, not many people manage to preserve their health: even though we reached a high level of development, we also reached the highest rate of health problems, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes in epidemic proportions. Obviously the measures to prevent health problems are not enough.

Even more Great news:

Most health problems are not only preventable—they’re reversible. Personally i believe prevention is a better way to go about health.
What are the foods helpful for prevention?

Live foods - raw fruits and vegetables - contain nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that help us prevent free radical damage and most health problems, so these foods are the subject of this community.
To really solve our health problems, it’s good to learn to work on the cause. Most health problems come from

  • the toxins of the unhealthy food we eat and
  • the nutrient deficiency of the unhealthy food we eat.

Because of that, we can prevent them with healthy food.
Toxins and nutrient deficiency are major causes in the speedy decline of our health.

  • We'll continue harming our body as long as we eat foods that are foreign to our body.*
  • We can allow our body to regenerate when we stop harming our body.

When we cook food,

  • we destroy nutrients,
  • we change its natural structure into a foreign structure that along the digestive tract creats mucus that gets compounded in a mucoid plaque / hardened mucus where pathogens thrive, inflammation reigns and weakens the body systemically.
  • we create toxins that have negative effects on our health: Mutagens, Carcinogens, Teratogens, Free radicals that cause oxidative stress that in turn speeds up the aging process, causes cancer and other health problems.

Cooking help us create foods that are deficient in nutrients and rich in toxins.
We can slow down the aging process and restore ourselves to better health:

  • by decreasing the amount of toxins that exist in unhealthy food.
  • by increasing the amount of nutrients that exist in healthy food.

Some foods are more useful for decreasing our health and some foods are more useful for increasing our health. The food we eat is more useful either for health problems or for preventing health problems. One of the factors that influence our health are our eating habits.
There are many communities about health and not all of them are about healthy food. Actually, many health communities are about unhealthy food. When we create a community about health, we have in front of us a choice:

  • we can lean toward encouraging unhealthy food, to attract more people, or
  • we can lean in the opposite direction, where we place more value on health.

I chose the second approach, as i see no reason to sacrifice health.
Plus, How do we improve our health as long as we focus on foods that cause health problems?

Plus, one benefit doesn't have to exclude the other. All people can join this group regardless of how unhealthy their lifestyle is, as long as they respect the purpose of the group. That's the whole point: to inspire ourselves to include more healthy food in our current lifestyle. Allowing all people to join the group is not a reason to promote unhealthy food.
While it’s challenging at first to reinvent yourself,

  • it's a lot easier when you benefit from the inspiration of other people.
  • it's a lot easier when you socialize with other like minded people,
  • it's a lot easier when you surround yourself with positive people who inspire you to become a better version of yourself.
  • it's a lot easier when you're in a constructive environment where other people challenge their limits in order to create healthier habits useful for a healthier version of themselves.

The subject of this community is not health problems. Who wants more problems in their lives?
The subject of this community is health. We don't create a community about health with foods that decrease our health. Cooked food is not beneficial for health so it's not the subject of this community.

It's true that multiple factors determine our health: air, water, the chemicals in the products we use everyday, etc. E.g. Some personal care products also have negative effects on our health. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives. However, the topic of this community are not health products.
You can Promote Your Solution 4 Health in a community for promotion.

Still, we can also focus on what we can control: what we eat.

For suggestions you can contact admin.

We solved a lot of problems so far, so it's hard to think we just can't handle our basic need of physical health. Luckily, we have access to education about health.

For people who want a simpler aspect, here's a MeWe community. MeWe is a social media with no ads that also has messenger function. It also allows us to attach files. In the files of the MeWe community you can read education about health.
How come we don't receive several days of basic education about health in 12 years of education system, despite the fact the government cares so much about our health, that it offers us free vaccines?

The fact that after 12 years of education we're uneducated about health might be an example of injustice. However, the subject of this community is not justice.
The subject of this community is health.
Justice is the subject of justice league.
In case you don't have too much time to study education about health, you can read a summary for what i studied so far on my blog. There, you can also find context regarding optimal health:

  • E.g. #1: For those who are interested in optimal health it's good to know that not all vegetables are the same. Off all vegetables, lettuce is the easiest to digest
  • E.g. #2: Investing time in creating healthy recipes is optional, as whole food is healthier than processed food. The hype of sharing healthy recipes is just a hype,

Obviously, the healthiest food is the one you grow yourself in your own garden. So your articles about gardening and permaculture are worth being shared with other people interested in health.
What’s this community about, after all?

This community encourages creativity

You can create articles in which

  • you share inspiration for health: photographs of healthy food.
  • you share information about health.

You can socialize with new friends.

It would be my pleasure to see you all here and create a healthy community in which we share inspiration and information (including videos) for a healthier version of ourselves.