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RE: Playing Games Celebration - Giveaway!

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I always wondered if @forykw and @forkyishere were the same person. Do I guess my hunch was right! Well done on the milestone. acquiring followers on twitter is no easy feat. So we'll done to you.

I'm so keen on this giveaway and I know a couple if more peeps who would kill to win a legendary card. @moonthumb, @jfang003, @minining, @gr33nm4ster, @fdeflash and @irisworld come check this out!

I'll also add this to the next edition of starbits and cold pizza!


Thanks for the tag. I could definately use a Legendary card.

You very welcome!

Lots of people... nice. Will be nice if we can show outside of HIVE on other networks that this game is supper cool.

Thanks for the shout for others. !ENGAGE

It's a pleasure! Let's hope the troops line up!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

You have not added me, I am very angry. LOL😆

lol i am very sorry! I type it from my phone and then your handle is quite complicated to remember lol,

Have some !LUV though

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