Yahtzee in Progress

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I saw this idea a little while back, scrolling around, and when I did, I had like an immediate tiny epiphany where I realised, all in a flash, that I had everything needed to just go ahead and make a giant Yahtzee set.

So that's it. That's what I'll do and that's what I'm doing. That's what will occupy show and tell time today, folks — the start of the process, at least. You're welcome to stick around and see how that goes.

I've got a good size length of timber with a square profile, from which I can cut 5 cubes. Then, all I'd need is a bucket, a backyard and a way to keep score and wazoo I could play games of giant yard Yahtzee with friends.



Well I've got most of those things, including a backyard. And here's that length of timber, painted blue. Who knows why? Almost certainly pine, nothing flash. Paint will have to come off but it'll do the job.


I measured out and hand sawed a piece off the end, long enough for five cubes, making sure to give myself a little extra length overall to compensate for the sawblade.
Ultimately I'll sand the 5 dice down smooth and to more precise measurements, so a few spare millimetres at this stage won't matter.


With that piece cut, we move now over to a mate's place so I can borrow his drop saw for a minute.



As you can see above, the timber pieces each need another cut to make them into actual cubes, so I've marked that out on this next one. The width needs to be cut down to match the height and depth.


Cutting out a few more.


Making secondary cuts.


Turns out the timber is a bit large for the saw in this orientation — I can only make the cut part of the way through. That's okay though! I can deal, just means I'll finish them off with the handsaw. Easy as pancakes.


Cast your mind back mere minutes ago. Shown above is a picture of where I started today: with nothing but a wooden pole and a dream.

Shown below, today's results:


Five almost-cubes.

It's more visible how those cuts need finishing from this angle.

But that can be a job for tomorrow.

As for right now, I'm calling it.

Stay tuned for more Yahtzee updates maybe. And tell me stories in the comments.

Homeward bound

All photos are mine except the lead image which is from the article by Emily at Life Sew Savory which is where I got the idea!


awesome idea!

Indeed it is! Thanks (:

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