Hidden in paint sight (spray paint safe)

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Good day everyone today I'm going to show you how I made my spray paint cans safe. It is a very simple method and I think it works quite well.

Things you will need:

One empty spray paint can
sharp knife
long nose pliers
Duck Tape (optional)


Step 1

Hold down the nozzle and make sure that you release as much air pressure as possible. If you don't do this when you stab your knife into the top of the can it could result in leftover paint spraying out and splattering you.

Step 2

Take your knife and stab the centre of the top circle of the spray can and continue stabbing around it edging until you can completely remove the centerpiece.

Step 3

Once the centerpiece has been removed you can use your knife to slowly lift up the folded over metal of the top rim as shown in the picture below and if necessary use pliers to bend ended up a little bit further if you can't do it with the knife.

Step 4

Take your long nose pliers and grip one side of your bent-up rim and start twisting. It may start turning with you in that case start twisting back and forth. This will bend it inwards allowing you to remove it.

Step 5

Poor thinners inside and cover the top with a piece of cloth while you shake the can in order to clean out the remaining paint. Then clean out the thinners with warm water and soap. (oh and bonus you get a free marble. LOL)

Step 6

This step is only if you want to have the opening a bit bigger inside.
Your take your knife and stab the inside of the outer circle and continue stabbing around it until you are able to completely cut it off and remove the excess metal. Because you don't want to remove the rim of the outer circle because that is what holds the lid down you will need to use a flat screwdriver or your knife to try and flatten the sharp pieces of metal on the inside where you cut. Once you have done that place a piece of duct tape around the top of it covering the sharp pit's a metal so not to hurt yourself.

And that's the end thank you for reading enjoy the rest of your day

Just remember to keep it in a place where you would normally find a can of spray paint that way it doesn't look out of place.

Recycling rules!!!


Nice tutorial! I love recycling containers into something useful! What are you going to use these for?

I use mine for storing money. But it can be used to hold all sorts of things like screws/ washer/ even rolled up A4 pieces of paper with something important on it.

Good job! Another post done!

Remember, no matter how the post does, keep putting your posts up so you can have that opportunity! I love it that you and @pixelhuntersam are engaging together on the platform. Well done!

thank u zak I well do my best👍

Just keep going, it's worth it!