My view right now

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This was actually about 3hrs ago... but I'm still right here about 6ft from where i took this picture.

Click to view bigger... if you're on

It was an amazing amazing sunset as you can see.
I've been here doing pictures and have seen like a dozen sunsets here this was probably the best one... if not second best.

Pretty cool because it was quite the mini-storm just before all the sunset so didn't know if we'd get any sunset at all.


I think the small visual does not look clear because it is a panorama shot. so I thought it was an oil painting. When I look at the sharing, I see that it is actually a perfect shot. congratulations my dear friend.

It's beautiful, @jarvie. The sky looks like satin, velvet, metallic. It's dynamic, poetic, flamboyant.
Love it :)

Wow, simply amazing sunset with really nice colors, tahnks for sharing!

Wow stunning! Those colors. What a spot.

That is breathtaking

There are some great sceneries to be seen around 2000-2100.

I wish I had a better camera.

I'm sure a good cell phone would have made it look pretty awesome as well


That is definitely one fine view! That sky is incredible.

yeah it's amazing!

I'm in love with this view it's just amazing