Rules for the Pre-Launch Event

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Rotp Pre-Launch Event Hero.png
The Rise of the Pixels pre-launch event is here! It lasts until launch day on April 22.

See more details about the events here.

Check out the in-game Beta Pre-Launch Event Leaderboard here.


🎁 Prizes

  • 20 8-bit packs
  • 200 liquid $HIVE
  • Vouchers for special limited edition NFTs & Studio Avatars

Each day of the event, one free pack will be given to the user who creates the highest and lowest rated game of the day. (Days begin at 00:00 UTC).


🎟 Leaderboard raffle 🎟

Each point on the leaderboard represents one raffle ticket.

Excluding RotP team members:

  • 🥇 First person picked will win 3 packs and 30 HIVE
  • 🥈 Second person wins 2 packs and 20 HIVE
  • 🥉 Third person wins 1 pack and 10 HIVE
  • 🏆 Fourteen more winners will get 10 HIVE
  • We’re still working out NFT Voucher details—stay tuned :)

Winners will be unique (you can’t win more than once). After the launch, we will hold a similar week-long event, with a prize pool about 5X bigger! Consider this one a practice run for those who get in early ;)

You earn raffle tickets during the event, where each point = 1 raffle ticket.

Here are the things that earn you points:

  • Each 8-bit pack purchased = 2 points (all past packs count!)
  • Each game released = 2 points (all past games count)
  • Each research action = 1 points (all past research counts)
  • Each training action = 0.5 points (all past training counts)
  • Each post reblog = 10 points (for specific posts during the events—including this one!)
  • Each beta reset endured = 10 points
  • Each new player referred = 5 points (past referrals count)

You’ll notice that we’re counting many past actions. This is to say thank you to our early adopters. 🙏

Some more details:

  • Pack purchases will count for this event AND the next one.
  • The next event will have points for pack opening (not relevant for this event, but may factor into your strategy for grabbing packs).
  • All other game actions (game creation, research, training) done before April 22 will NOT count for the next event (i.e. your tally will be set to zero after April 22, and we’ll start fresh)
  • All reblogs of Hive posts by @riseofthepixels that have the tag #pixelslaunchpost will count for both events
  • Referrals will count for both events
  • Beta test resets will only be for this pre-launch event



Clear as mud? There’s a handy in-game leaderboard to help keep track.

Any issues, questions, or concerns, please ask in our Discord or Sting Chat.

Timing for the raffle draw and start of the post-launch event will be discussed with the community on Discord over the coming week—if you have an opinion, come voice it!


Where can I learn more about Rise of the Pixels?

Please have a look at our draft Rulebook (aka whitepaper) for the most complete documentation of the game, including drop chances, mechanics, tokenomic thoughts, and more.

You can also follow @riseofthepixels, join our Discord, or the RotP Hive community to stay informed about the game’s progress and roadmap.


How to join the Beta? (LAST CALL BEFORE LAUNCH)

If you already bought a license and some packs in the official shop page you can join the beta by following this link:, and clicking the Accept & Join button.

1️⃣ Purchase a license or packs here
2️⃣ Go to the live Beta server here
3️⃣ Read the Beta description and click or tap Accept & Join


—The Rise Of The Pixels Team

Check out the official website:
Read more in the game Rulebook:
Follow us on Hive:
Join us on Discord:

...or if you want to experience an authentic legacy Web2 vibe you can check out our X/Twitter profile:


Got a legendary on the Beta website from my 7 packs :)

So I opened a starter pack + seven "8-bit" packs. Does that mean I got 14 Points (for the 8-bit packs) towards the event ?

Oh, and nice drop :)

Wish you to get something like that when you open packs next week on the main server.

No, for this event only number of purchased pack is counted. Also the number is always the real number (on beta you get x2 packs).

In the next event (aka next week) you will get 2 points for each pack purchased and 2 points for each opened pack.

I am glad that the points from previous versions are taken into account, I hope they reach more users and are well promoted 😄

I love events, I love new game release!

Bring it on friends!

wow lets go bring in more hive users plz

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That game seems very cool

How do I initiate training? Or maybe for some reason it is not possible on keychain mobile browser.

Do you get an error? Do you know if it works on desktop?

Haven't had the choice to test on desktop yet. But no, there are no error messages. I just can't train anyone, as if there is no one to train. No options to select.

EDIT: same problem on desktop

Everything else except training works fine?