HOLOART - HOLOZING Art contest, winners and 2nd theme


So happy to see the community grow, host, and participate in various activities.

I had put out a spontaneous contest just to create engagement within the holozing community, and man, am I happy to see that people actually found it interesting to be a part of.

In total, the #holoart contest received four entries.

Read more about the game in the whitepaper on the official website or in this post where you can also leave comments and questions.

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There is still some time before we see the core team growing and rolling out a "final product". Almost every day the discord and the community page receive new suggestions, but good things take time...especially when there is no magical VC or VC-funded endless money bag. So, what can we do? Why not do what we can? Be it promotion, suggestions, criticism, or volunteering in one or the other way.

Why am I so excited? Part of it is the nostalgia factor. The largest part of it is because it has been one hard journey for me for some time now, and I miss being part of a project that I feel passionate about, let alone from the start of the project.



Gonna be honest and say that I didn't expect anyone to take part.
Especially since there is so little material to go off. Nevertheless, 4 participants joined!

I would like to be super strict and DQ the entries that didn't meet the deadline but that just goes against why I posted the first contest - to have fun!




AuthorPost LinkReward
@gargiMy Entry to Holozing contest - HoloArt70 ZING



I decided since it was the first time, I'd divide the 200 ZING pool between all entries. In addition, all entries will receive 100 @ecency points each.
Maybe I'll be more strict in the next round :P


Next round? Why, yes! Lets keep it going!


  • Only HOLOZING related art.
  • NO AI art. (Digital and/or traditional form only.)
  • Subscribe to and post it in the HOLOZING COMMUNITY.
  • Follow the theme.
  • Post must include the creating process and at least 250 words. (Tell us what inspired the design.)
  • #holoart tag must be one of the first 5 tags.
  • One entry per user per round.
  • Deadline ends at the payout of this post. I am serious this time.
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments of this post.
  • Have fun.

Optional but encouraged rules:

  • Share your entry on social media with relevant tags.
  • Engage with other entries.



If you have been keeping up with the posts and sneak peeks from the team members of HOLOZING, then you know that the evolution of starters is a thing. What do you think the starters will look like when they are evolved?

Alternatively, you can also show in your art an environment from the open map.


  • 200 $ZING winning pool.
    100 for 1st place, 60 for 2nd place, 40 for 3rd place.

PS: I will send the rewards as soon as I choose the winners, on the day after the deadline has elapsed. If there are not 3 entries that qualify to be part of the winners, I have full say on how I distribute the rewards.


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Just in time! Thank you for participating!

So nice of you to participate. Thanks for joining!

It was a great pleasure. On the contrary, thanks to you.


I'll be on time this time sir 😊😊😊

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Thank you very much for the prize.
I'll take part in your contest again.

Lovely! I adore your entry and am looking forward to the next one!

Here's the link to my entry in this contest: https://ecency.com/hive-131131/@rulivyxo/my-entry-holozing-art-contest
Thank You

Thanks for participating!

Thank you so much for the reward @blind-spot

Thank you for participating! Do you want to take part in round 2?

I am gonna check your post.

Thankyou so much @blind-spot ..

finally i grow confindence in drawing..... will surely take part in second round too....

#zingtoken #holozing

Looking forward to your entry!

Great one gonna enter for sure

That would be lovely if you do enter

Hi @blind-spot

What do you think the starters will look like when they are evolved?

What is the expectation here ?

Starter creatures can evolve - which means they can start looking different as they get stronger. They can grow a new feature or have a completely new look. You can show what a starter can look like when it evolves.

I can't say how the creatures will look like. Can I do the artwork for one of the existing one. is it fine for the challenge ?

You can use your creativity to modify one of the existing ones.

Glad to see your activity! :)
A great initiative. It's a pity that you neglected AI's creativity. I think there would be many times more competitive works)))

I'm sure it would be more competitive but it also becomes easier. I want to keep it a little challenging.