1k Zing Staked and my future Plans

Though I have started late, I have delegated as well as added some Zing and Hive in Liquidity pool to get Zing rewards from both ways and als9ng with the Staking rewards. So by doing this I have completed 1K staking in 16 days. Though I have also bought some Zing for liquidity pool but let's not talk about it.

Screenshot_20231216_063338_Hive Keychain.jpg

So yeah it took me 16 days to reach 1K Zing token and now my target is to reach 2K Zing token in next 8 days. So for doing that I will be doing couple of things. Number 1, increase my delegation to 2K as compared to 1K now and then buy some Zing token and add it to the liquidity pool. I know the APR is decreased a lot from where it started, but still it is a good APR and getting 1K in 8 days might be possible. Let us see, and if not there is always but from the market.

Though I want to reach organically which is the best thing to do at first otherwise go for the buy option. Though it's quite early to tell anything about the game, but if we can have our own Pokémon game on Hive, we can really see how the Hive coin can boom and make new height. To be honest, other than Splinterlands we do not have a game which can attract a hell lot of players from all around the world.

But if we can get something bigger than that, we can see the true potential of Hive as well as the dApp on Hive. Now coming back to the Zing token, I try to login once to claim the Zing token and thus it gives us the compounding affect, so be sure to claim Zing token atleast once.



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