Holozing Fan-art ❄️ Frozing Atlas ❄️

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❄️ Frozing Atlas ❄️

Yow, how are you the hive-blogers, it's me again Eustace-kidd. Today I created my 2nd fan-art for @Holozing Community like what tell you before Holozing is a role playing adventure game, which the characters are like Pokemon or Digimon something like that but more awesome 😊. For other details about this game just click this Link.

paint 11 FIN.jpg

For this fan-art I choose Ice Elemental Holozing and I named it Frozing Atlas, the reference to this Holozing is the Atlas Day Gecko that can adapt and live to a cold climate places.

Also here is the update screen shots of my delegation and staked ZING, to delegate HP or stake @zingtoken just go to Holizing Website. And below us the art process for this Frozing Guy 😁.



  • The Sketch, I draw it first on a piece of paper together with the other character I designed. Then use it as a guide for the line-art.
paint 11 00.jpgpaint 11 01.jpg
  • Adding Base Colors, on this part I just add 1 color for the whole body and 1 color for the shadows, and for the eyes, Opaque white for the Ice Spikes.
    paint 11 03.jpg
  • Shading / Highlights & Details Ect., using the blending tool, I use it to blend the shadows to its skin, I also add some details to those Ice Spikes, and of course the snow flakes on its back.
paint 11 04.jpgpaint 11 05.jpg
  • Adding more details, on the first panel I added the glowing effect for the energy ball coming from Atlas's palm and glowing effect on its back. 2nd panel planing for making the background, I draw first a light to dark color using hard brush, then on the third panel, I blended all the colors and add some clouds above.
paint 11 06.jpgpaint 11 07.jpgpaint 11 08.jpg
  • And here is the final output of our master piece 😊.
    paint 11 FIN.jpg

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What can you say about this art guys? Just feel free to comment have a great day.




I love the color you gave to frozing atlas! Really cool work.

Thank U sir 😊 💜

You're welcome.
Please #holoart to the first 5 tags.

I will edit it sir thanks 😊

Yay! 🤗
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