Holozing Forest Healer with " Bubble Buzz "

🍑 Forest Healer with my Ideal Creature Bubble Buzz 🍑

Holo there hive peeps, how are you doin out there? I pray that you are all well. For today's art blog I draw once again a Holozing Fan-art. It's the a child version of Forest Healer, together with Bubble Buzz.

Below I include the little process on how this fan-art was created, hope you like it.

paint 44 08.png




  • Let's jump to creating the line-art, and adding the base colors.
paint 44 01.pngpaint 44 02.png
  • After that I create another layer for the shadows, I set it's opacity to 50% visibility and set it's blending mode to multiply. And then I used a blending tool to blend all the edges of the shadows.
paint 44 03.pngpaint 44 04.png
  • Next thing, as you can see in the original design of this character her hair is originally green with the highlights of yellow, in this fan-art I tried to reverse it.
paint 44 05.pngpaint 44 06.png
  • I keep on adding more details, on 2nd panel I remove the base color of the background and I started to working on for the final background.
paint 44 07.pngpaint 44 07 nbg.png
  • Unfortunately I keep on drawing this clouds and I forgot to save for the background process, but yeah this is the final step, at the end I added my cute ideal creature Bubble Buzz facing Forest Healer.
    I Hope You all like this one, thanks a lot.😊

paint 44 08.png

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Nice work of art @eustace-kidd

Napili po namin ang post na ito sa aming curation ng MCGI Cares Hive community. Nais po namin kayo na anyayahan sa aming community na nag aaral ng salita ng Dios. Maaari rin po natin i-follow ang aming Official Youtube channel. Keep doing the great job po ❤️

Bubble Buz is hella cute! 🥺 I like the hair on this one. Good art!



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@jijisaurart(5/10) tipped @eustace-kidd

It's very nice

Los ojos te quedaron preciosos, hay que variar un poco el cabello , buena idea!

Your eyes turned out beautiful, you have to vary your hair a little, good idea!

Thank You Madame..