Healer traits contest + some reveals!

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Holo everyone!

This contest will be quite different than our previous ones, it'll last longer and at the same time it'll also reveal some features we've been working on for our healers created by the amazing @craizuss!

Before we get to that, let's get into what this contest is about and how you can participate as we want the whole community to be involved and shape up the healers that will be minted in the near future both on Hive and other chains!

What are generative NFTs?

Generative NFTs usually refer to digital art pieces that are coded with algorithms and a set of rules to give uniqueness to each generated NFT. You usually have a "base" look and rules of an art piece and then you add different puzzles to it which manifests into a full artwork. Some of the popular ones in the space are "Bored Ape Yacht Club", "Crypto Punks" and even here on Hive we have @themarkymark's @punksonhive.

How does it work?

We're looking to generate many cool accessories and assets for our healers and we'd like your input on cool ideas and inspirations on what to include. If you haven't seen our "base" healer looks yet, I suggest checking out this and this reveal post first to get a good idea behind it.

The assets would involve:

  • hairstyle, hair colors
  • headwear: hats, caps, beanies, etc
  • facial expressions: eyes, mouth
  • eyewear: eyeglasses, sunglasses, scanners, lenses, eye colors
  • earrings, piercings, necklaces
  • scars, tattoos
  • upper body clothes
  • backgrounds

The idea is that these assets can mix and match with each other, some at random, some with unique odds of how often they can appear, some with forced appearance if another asset is picked and other different rules.

Basically it'll be a character creation screen but you won't be able to choose the traits, the program does it for you! The good news is that you'll be able to trade the ones you don't want for some you may want right after!

Okay, enough explaining, let's show you some examples! Keep in mind these aren't finished yet but I think it'll give you a better idea on what we're going for here and how amazing of a project this can become!

Left is the original base female Ocean healer, right is an altered version with some traits changed.



As you can see, she has a different hairstyle here, an eye scanner and earrings that she doesn't have in the base form.

We can also adjust her stance:


One with a different skin tone and earrings:


While we're going to keep it towards the classes themes, i.e. the ocean healer will mostly stick to the blue color spectrum with her hair and eye color, there will be certain rare versions in existence for the lucky few who get to mint them!

Such as these:


and of course, there's no Holozing without some holo-colors!


Alright, enough of the good stuff for now, let's get back to the contest!

How can you participate?

We want the community to enter the comment section and give us ideas on what we could add, we are primarily interested in:

  • headwear
  • eyewear
  • clothes
  • background ideas


Leave a comment with one of the pieces you're suggesting in this format:

Forest Male Healer:


description of your idea or an image

and [source of the suggestion] but of course if it's an original idea then state it.





Keep in mind that it can't be something with trademarks or copyright infringement. No Adidas or Supreme merch for instance.


We'll be upvoting and tipping suggestions we decide to incorporate into the project with Hive from the post rewards and there's 10,000 ZING up for grabs as well sponsored by @poshtoken.

The contest will run for a few weeks and there's no limits to the amount of suggestions you give us but of course do it in moderation and take your time to come up with some good ideas!

Keep in mind the themes: futuristic, healers, creatures, rpg.

Feel free to ask if there's anything you're wondering about!

Stay tuned by following us on Hive @holozing

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Any one:

Cat Ears


Awesome contest, here's a few of my traditional mixed with modern ideas and tried to generate AI using Gencraft pro to attempt an illustration cause I suck at drawing😆🙈

✅️ Headwear:


Would be great having a character headwear accessory as Celestial shimering hair ring wreath or beret or scarf or all with a central accent crystal for rarity or abilities forged by artisans. Healers with this crown gain insight into rhythms, enhancing their ability to heal & restore balance.

✅️ Eyewear:


Enchanted Crystal Lenses that change color based on the healer's rarity or type of healing. The healing energy within these crystals eyewear resonates with the healer's intentions, amplifying their powers.

✅️ Clothing:


Flowing Robes adorned with healing runes as a symbol of the healer's commitment to the healing.

✅️ Background:


A Forest with healing energy emanating from the ground.The ground pulses with a gentle glow, and the air is filled with the soothing whispers of the forest spirits. Healers who draw upon this sacred space find their abilities heightened.

Wow! Just with a few tweaks gives a completely new vibes with the healer. If I remember it correctly some accessories are unique with a certain type of healer and if that's the case, a halo on the female light healer would certainly look great together with her angelic appearance and for the male light healer, I'm sure the artist can come up with a fitting priest cap for a head accessory.


Backgrounds: A white, sandy beach with a cliff and glacier behind it for Water showing its affinity to Ice and Water. And/or a frozen waterfall. Lots of unique things you could add to it. A fish frozen in the waterfall. A polar bear walking underneath. Etc. Many ways to make it common or rare.

An overflowing volcano with a dark sky and lightning bolt striking it to show the Light's affinity to Fire and Electricity. Could be the Male. Female could be Lightning Bugs and Fireflies...

A forest with a long, grassy field in the foreground with a few critters (ants, spiders, etc) to show the Forest healers affinity to Nature and Bugs. Again, Male could be more aggressive and female could have butterflies and grasshoppers or something.

Obviously you don't want to make it sexist, but it IS a game and whatever gives people the right aura, for lack of a better word, is what you want. Some people will gravitate towards the aggressive and some will want the sweet.

Accessories: Earrings--little lightning bolts & comets, bugs, flowers & butterflies, icicles & mini-waves.

That's all I've got. Lots of ways to make these unique and valuable as there could be many variations of each.

Lorewise I don't know if you guys have shared where healers put their capture guns but I think gun holsters would be cool, if the healer image doesn't go down to the hips then there's alternatives like arm and chest holsters.






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I really liked the female healer, in any of its types, with the holographic colors. So my suggestion would be general for these colors.

Include some cyberpunk style glasses, perhaps so in holographic shades with more leaning towards pink, orange, purple and yellow with sparkles.



Fire Female Healer:
Wings! Definitely wings.

No RPG is complete without wings. Maybe wings that are themed with their favorite monsters. Or it can be an earpiece wing too as shown in my AI-generated examples. My inspiration for this is every waifu mmorpgs out there. 😆



I like this, especially the ones behind the ears!

Water Female Healer

Eyewear: I really like a heart-shaped goggles scanner! 😁 It can scan wild creatures' stats. A stylish and futuristic way to capture!
Other assets are pink gradient hair, wink+titled head pose, holo-colored mask.



La curadora del océano podría tener una nueva vestimenta, y una tiara, la cual en sus piedra tiene el poder de congelar y descongelar las aguas, pero además a través de la luz emitida por las piedras a lo largo de su traje y tiara pueden llegar a sanar a las diferentes criaturas.


La imagen la realice con el programa bing

Many ideas have come to mind, I hope to have the time to translate them little by little. But, for now I attach my most recent designs in relation to the active contest.

I have chosen: Female Ocean Healer. Because she is the character I liked the most, I love her color palette.

For her, I have drawn a new hair style, accompanied by a beautiful bow that is very fashionable. I have accompanied this version with some cute headphones with marine touches, and a super chic watch. As well as a mask with crystal details and a star. Everything based on the character and her colors. Here the proposal:


I attach a link to the publication I made about the creative process of design and creation.

My first Look and Accessories Proposal for female Ocean healer. Join me in this Creative process!

Greetings, Happy night Holo!

Forest background idea: A vertical farm/forest. This is an attempt to blend 'green' which is often used in older settings (hunter, bow and arrow, virgin forests) but with how green might look in the future.

Source: DALL E 2

vertical farm.png

I'd love to see cool tattoos and eyewear, I don't really have anything original to suggest though.

I just know these healers will look really cool!

Healer of the forest:

Kawaii version bracelet pendant:


This is a cute version of this character, which is my personal favorite. Keeping elements like the clover, her tiara, the necklace and the colors of the original image, I have created this version.

Source is my publication of the bracelet, I made the pendants in cold porcelain. 100% handmade.

I would like to see the healers with a power ring according to their color, it would be part of the outfit, maybe a ring with a stone of the colors corresponding to each healer.

I also opted for the laser glasses, it seems to me a very good option.
I like the tendrils that have been placed on the healers, it's a nice option.

Hey there,
people already shared some awesome ideas (some are really unique for me) and my suggestion is also already in the list...

Ocean Female

Its Crystal Crown

Image by macrovector on Freepik

and the female healer will looks like...


and there should be some other crystal Jewelries

All Healere:

Body and Head

If we are looking into futuristic items, body enhancements are something wort considering: we can have bionic/cybernetic arms for example, like this one:


Or bionic/cybernetic enhancements for the face:


Maybe a bit too cyberpunk for our game. :D

You got me 😂 I also had a name ready: HoloPunk of CyberZing ahahah

maybe a future expansion :p

Ahahah it would be cool 🤣

Thug life glasses, I would suggest any summoner but some gold foil version only


First of all I want to say thanks for taking communit suggestions, So here is what I will suggest.
From the list shared in this blog i think the neck locket will be a nice one for sure and apart from that small hairs can come with a Band while long hairs can come with different hair styling.

My personal suggestion will be to add wings and make a angel like avatar for female charcters that can also come with some in game benefits apart from the look. So I would love if wings could be added as well.

From the most unique attributes, you can make something extremely rare, which occurs in a very limited number of cases. I am now in favor of a birthmark on the skin.

Would there be a fairly symbolic element of appearance that would make the character truly unique.


birthmark on on the nose

generate openai

This is pretty interesting, but unfortunately I am not artistic so I can't show my suggestions.

For simple designs, I think having a logo of their starter monster replace the element logo is a good alternative. For the headwear, it can be similar to Ash Ketchum's hat, but replaced with the element logo, or a mini starter monster image.

For eyewear, the simple design can be the geiger counter in the example, but instead of modern looking, it will have some elemental highlights like a wave for Water, flames for Fire, four pointed star for Light, and four leaf clover for Earth. The earrings can be something similar.

For the more elaborate ones, I think there are a lot of possibilities. For Light, they can have a halo, a spotlight shining down on them, white feather/angelic wings, angelic attire. For Fire, they can have tongues of fire on their head, pieces of fire/magma/rocks circling their feet, flame wings, leather attire. For Water, they can have an ice crown, standing on top of dolphins/whale/wave/ice shards circling their feet, ice wings, wearing stylish wetsuit/ice tuxedo/gown depending on what they are standing on. For Earth, they can have birds circling their head, squirrels/rabbits/animals circling their feet, feather wings, wearing sundress/shirt and shorts.

Honestly there are a lot of possible things, and we can even look to other games for inspiration.

These healers look great - but I realise that not only we can have youthful-looking ones, perhaps we can have more mature-looking (older looking) ones. Was thinking along the lines of Gandalf from LOTR or some wise old wizard/witch from the mountains. Perhaps a little bald, or he/she could have white hair. As for clothings, perhaps along the wizard's line of thought, it could be robes! :)

That may be for another edition later, the healers above will come in limited supply and we're already working on younger versions of them for after.

I see, thanks for sharing!

I would like it if there were glasses and bracelets in the game that could improve the capture percentage, especially in certain environmental conditions or for certain types of creatures to be captured. This could expand new categories of creatures.


I'll give you an example: special glasses for night vision could increase the percentage of capture of creatures that live in the dark such as caves, tunnels and tunnels.

the bracelets, on the other hand, could increase the possibility of capturing creatures from long distances... I'm not clear on the capture mechanism, whether it will still involve a close combat but I can imagine capturing creatures by exploiting the surprise factor from long distances, increasing the possibility of captures, for example, flying creatures.

it is always possible to think of glasses and bracelets of the same element or material which together increase the capture bonus. what do you think?

The healers will have lenses to be able to see the holographic creatures, that's where the name holozing comes from. However the capture device and ammo will have stats which will affect the capture rate, that and many other factors we've input in the formula. Glasses will exist but currently only for aesthetics. Maybe they can also increase capture rate later as that could make sense from a practical standpoint.

It's another update from this lovely game.

Giving us, the audience, the opportunity to design a healer is quite and honor. Based on the required characteristics, I will suggest that the healer looks something like this:

headwear: a headband made of tiny noticable rocks and natural things. Reason: healers gives life and nature is life.

eyewear: none. reason, a scanner should be cool but scanners look better on warriors because they are in the war front. A glasses will make our healer look like an old man with myopia which is not cool.

clothes: should include sweater with good design of green color, should not look as futuristic and flashy as that of the warriors.

background ideas: this should be depending on the color of the healers skin. A black and gold background would be good for a healer with white skin.

Thank you

What about a bracelet on the upper part of hand.


Something like this


What about Character Aura? Something like in these images...




How about a hood that includes a cyberpunk-style mask? It would make sense because it's set in the future.

I think several different models could emerge from this.

This time I am also thinking to submit my entry by changing some reasonable and creative accessories of the ocean healer.But my main focus right now to think some suitable character then by adding that character to my artwork on ocean healers arts may be I will come with creative idea or can give my suggestion by adding a super man type clothing to ocean healer art and will give my description about the real scene. But this is gonna be a:

"super women"

This is something I am thinking right now but will try my best to submit my entry because this project is really related to graphic design to support the great art works.

I would like to say thank you to a @holozing community for this creative projects about background designs and now we can change or add accessories of healer like earrings, clothing, headwear etc.

Thank you

Looking forward to see some cool entries of creative artists.


Hello this is my contest submission entry, Thank you very much!


Background idea for light: fiber optics. Again trying to think about these classic archetypes but in a future setting.

DALLE didn't give me the colors I wanted (I didn't try very hard), but I think it gives an idea. The actual background would be more yellow/white color scheme instead of this blue.

fiber light.png

I didn't saw a suggestion for this yet

Any healer

Clothes and it might get the headgear slot too

Starter creature Kigurumis, they are cute, confy, unisex and awesome, I would use one irl



Viking style helmet similar to this



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not a bad suggestion but vikings are kind of oldschool compared to the futuristic or recent fashion we might be going for instead.

that teal and black combo looks really good together.. 👊😎

An unparalleled opportunity to continue giving us the opportunity to participate in the creative process. Thank you very much @holozing . If I come up with something that's really good, I won't hesitate to participate. Regards

don't forget to put the Hive cap in there! some anime style version would look sick!

We already have something for the Hive logo planned but not sure if we wanna include it on the healers as well, but good suggestion nonetheless.


The healer of the ocean needs a lot of synergy to be able to help the other creatures that come from the water element and to help her perform better healing I wanted to show you a very important accessory that will generate more power, it is a locket of power formed from the depths of the seabed especially for her.


La sanadora del océano necesita de mucha sinergia para poder ayudar a las demás criaturas que provienen del elemento agua y para ayudarle a realizar mejores curaciones he querido enseñarles un accesorio muy importante que generara mas poder, se trata de un relicario de poder formado desde lo mas profundo del fondo marino especialmente para ella.

Hello @holozing and all friends😊

this is my contest submission entry,

Thank you very much!

Hey @holozing! Taking the water healer as a starting point. Made a few tweaks to the color palette and went for a slightly more fantastical style, drawing inspiration from both the sea , anime and RPG.




Ho ho deddy planning something cool 😎.

Honestly, I don't have any idea what I want to do if I take part in this contest🤣

I'm sure you will come up with something haha

Yes, I hope😁 come on and join in enlivening this contest, the prizes are still very attractive like the previous contest😊

I'm in bro 😁.

Excellent initiative friends! I'll be thinking of some ideas for you to consider.
I will try to be creative and original to bring value to the project.

Cool, I like 😎

Do the healer have trait like that related to each monster like water healer that has more control to water element monster and basic control with another monster , or unique healer trait that has more control to 2 element , and maybe unique or legendary healer etc ?

ooo.. i got some answer from the previous post . https://ecency.com/hive-131131/@holozing/the-other-healers-and-a-starter-item-reveal but still wondering it the healer have unique traits i mean that have good control with 2 or 3 or 4 element.

so we dont need to draw it ourselves? we just have to post the accessories we want to suggest?

Yeah just references are good enough, you can sketch them if you can't find any references.

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Wow perfect, good challange 🎊🎊

El curador del bosque, tendría un traje más acorde a la naturaleza, con alas y en su traje tenga hojas mágicas, capaces de sanar además, estas hojas tienen la propiedad de convertir en pequeñas criaturas, solo por un tiempo estipulado.


La imagen la realice con el programa bing

La sanadora de luz tiene un traje mágico, capaz de emitir fuego, y su cetro tenga la capacidad de sanar, pero también pueda detener o avanzar el tiempo.


La imagen la realice con el programa bing

This is really an excellent initiative I must confess that contains a lot of things

There are 4 pages