Healing Gloves and Capture Device & Ammo reveal!

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Holo everyone!

We've been very excited to share these item reveals with you all as there's been a lot of thought been put behind it and as usual our artist @craizuss has mastered it to perfection!

Our game is quite unique, it takes form in the future where players are participating in an AR game where creatures aren't real but with blockchain and a tokenized ecosystem they're just as valuable to them! Aside from owning holo-lenses to let them participate in the game, there's quite a few items they require as well, these will come with the starter sale but will also be craftable in the near future by healers with the right profession skills.

Let's start off with the Healing Gloves!

Forest Healing Gloves


As with most items in the starter sale they'll all be Alpha themed to go with previous revealed items such as the Alpha healer classed themed Bicycle, Hoverboard, Backpacks, Lunchboxes, Potions and drinks, etc. This theme won't be craftable by professions and after the Alpha Starter Sale is over there won't be as many coming into existence any longer when the Beta Starter Sale launches.

The Healing Gloves are a requirement for healers to equip to be able to cast healing spells on their creatures. Healing spells can be used both in-battle and off-battle and cost Mana. Mana is a resource similar to the RC mana we have here on Hive, it'll constantly be re-generating based on your healers stats except for when you are in a battle. The Gloves will be restricted to certain classes, with the ones above going for the Forest Healers of both genders and they'll allow you to cast heals of that specific class.

The Alpha Starter Healing gloves will also be unique in other ways as they'll be account-bound rather than soul-bound items. This means that when you're healer has out-leveled their efficiency and found higher-level gloves that may be of lower rarity but still better in stats than the starter gloves, you'll still be able to find a use for the starter gloves on other healers you may wish to level up or play with at lower level brackets.

The Capture Device and Capture Ammo


We had to think long and hard on the concept of the capturing device and we're proud to present you our finalized result!

The capturing Device looks like a gun and may have different designs and shapes in future crafts and starter sales but a simple Pistol is the one that'll come with the Alpha Starter sale and of course with a similar theme. This device won't be restricted to classes, all classes can use it but it'll differ from other Alpha Capturing Devices in terms of rarity and stats.

The stat most of you will care about when obtaining a Capturing Device will be Luck. Luck will affect your capturing rate and other in-game mechanics in the future.

The way the Device works, is it will require some electricity to run and it will require a Ammo Clip to be used. On top of the Device is a Card holder where you will be able to insert empty capturing cards when attempting to capture creatures. The Device fires a laser beam and uses up Liquid Laser ammo when you're capturing creatures. Upon success, the creature will show up on the Card and reveal its exact stats which until then you have to attempt to figure out while battling if it's worth to capture or to defeat for the XP.

The capture Device will come in many rarities, from Green to Blue, Purple, Orange and of course Holo!


The Ammo Clips will have their own rarity and stats as well so you will also be able to mix and match between Ammo and Device. If you're fighting a creature you believe is easy to capture you can equip an Ammo Clip of lower rarity with lower Luck to use up its ammo inside of a Holo Gun, or if you don't have a Holo-rarity Gun but you really want to capture a creature you can increase your total luck but equipping a Holo Ammo Clip inside your Blue rarity Device.

We hope you've enjoyed our reveals for today, now that we've revealed the items, make sure to follow @craizuss here on Hive as I'm sure he'll love to get into the details of the ideas and creation for each of them. We'll also leave you with a new stance of our Healers that you will be able to mint in the near future!


Stay tuned by following us on Hive @holozing

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In the games that I am interested in, I am generally much more focused on the assets that can be used in the game-play, so I like to see previews on the NFTs and the gameplay mechanisms that they will have in the game. The graphics part is very nice and this will be an added value in the game and also an attraction for new players.
My interest in Holozing leads me to be curious and ask questions and so:
Will all items be tradable?
Will starter packs have NFTs that will not be found in subsequent sales?
Is there an approximate date for the sale of starter packs?
Thank you and good work, I look forward to purchasing the starter packs.
@tipu curate

I wrote a post recently about the starter items where I mention some information about account-bound items and soul-bound items. Basically most items in the starter sale will be tradable at first, if however you choose to use/equip them on a healer, then most of them will become account-bound making them untradable.

For instance, you have a healer and want to gear him up so you equip healing gloves and a capture device to start healing your creatures in battles and to attempt to capture wild ones. Upon equipping them, the game will ask if you are sure because this action will require a keychain transaction and can't be undone later. If you press yes you will send the item to another address where it then sends you a soulbound nft that you won't be able to trade. You still have proof of owning that asset and ownership of it on your hive account, but you simply can't trade it any longer.

The main difference between alpha items and other items in the future players will be able to craft, a majority of them will be soulbound compared to account-bound. The main difference between account-bound and soulbound is that you can use the accountbound item on all healers on your hive account. So the healing gloves and capture device can be equipped on another healer on your account, but if you were to trade that healer off then the item will be removed from the healer and remain on your account. Soulbound items however can only be equipped on a certain healer. We will also work on making soulbound items transferrable with the healer, i.e. if you want to trade a healer with a lot of soulbound items then you should be able to by burning the soulbound items and the buyer receiving them instead on their account after the trade.

The main things that won't be sold anymore in the future will be aesthetics, the alpha pack has a certain theme that many of the items look alike, those won't be sold in future packs but there will be items, most likely with slightly lower odds for similar stats and different looks. Aside from that the starter creatures in alpha will have a much lower droprate in future packs and lower odds for higher rarity compared to alpha. This is done to retain value of those having held unopened packs over time and to make opening older packs entertaining with a higher chance of alpha starter creatures with higher stats.

We were aiming for the sale on the end of the month but it might be slightly delayed, I think it'll be worth it though with the few new additions we are including and the experience of opening "packs".

Thank you very much for the extensive informative response to my questions.
If it will delay the sale of starter packs I am still happy because in this case I have more time to accumulate more liquidity to buy more starter packs :)

As expected, another great job for craizuss. It's also nice to know that capture device would not be restricted to classes so it can be used if one have multiple healers but at the same time also require decision making on what rarity of the capture device and ammo to use when capturing a creature.

The art looks awesome. The two finger-less gloves was an interesting touch. The gun looks very modern, and I like the light effects. Getting more information on how these work and interact is good. Mana recovering like RC means getting a glove is a must, since you will be missing out on that regeneration. The mix and match of the gun and ammo is cool, and requires some strategy as well.

Excellent new items. I was already thinking about something similar to the gloves for my participation in the new contest.
Tomorrow I will show you 🫶

Neat to see the game mechanics leaking through the item reveals. Keeps us informed while making us wonder with anticipation.

Hopefully the healing avatars will also feature some old grizzled warriors so I don't have to run around looking like a 16-year-old girl in a miniskirt! ;)

We're sticking to healers in their twenties for this expansion, but maybe in future ones we can have older characters :D

The last time I created an artwork of a Holozing Catcher, now it's time to create what gadgets she is going to use, perfect. 😊


Another great work by @craizuss and I couldn't resist following you. However, with the gun design, I didn't like the whole 'Zing' work printed on it as to me, it looked childish. Maybe Just a 'Z' artistically written would look better. But again it's just my personal opinion and I appreciate your hard work. 😍

Understood. I appreciate the advice.

Cool emblem on the gun.

True, there is a slight dissonance regarding the fact that you will have to capture creatures with the help of a "gun". Even in AR, a weapon is a weapon. In the place of creatures, you don't really want to be next to the "healer" who first shoots you...

That is why creatures will be able to escape a battle as well! And firing your laser gun off the bat when they are at max hp will be very ineffective and won't capture it 99 times out of 100. So firing it first won't be what the majority will do unless they really wanna waste ammo. :D

Why a gun and ammo, why not a Zingshooter and Zingballs :D ?

It can be a lot of things in the future. This was chosen for the alpha starter sale but there'll be many variations from engineers and forgers crafting their own, etc.

Yes, Craizuss doing an awesome work 😍 things/itmes are coming/revealing by team and it increase the excitement of the community (most of us) hehe.

I am also curious as its 17th of January and there will be an announcement for Starter Pack soon. I don't wanna miss that sales event huh.

The art looks amazing as always 😍

But, the gun in hand looks a bit strange... She doesn't have a correct grip on the gun.

good eye, it's a work in progress!

nice items. will these be upgradable. or will the stats and rarity be always fixed?

Fixed but there may be modifications that won't change its base rarity and stats but add up to them.

i see. that would be good to see modifications being implemented O.O. will there be any 1 of 1s?

Not for the items, no, but there will be some very, very rare combinations for the creatures and their cards though.

please elaborate on this . what do u mean by their cards? is that their skills. D: I thought this wasn't tcg.

When u say rare im thinking the creature has 4 skills max and theres only 4 mythic skills and it can draw all these mythic skills each at 1% per slot or something. is this what u mean O.O

Cards are where you hold creatures, when you start a battle and want to pick a creature you pick one from your deck of cards or when you want to capture a creature you insert an empty card into your capture device. Other than that no other use-case.

so the card can maybe have special animation or something but aside from that theres no use case except holding our creatures:?

i dont recall if u ever shared all this information before but thanks for all the alphas :)

Rarity of creatures depends on their stats and how close to max level they are, if their HP, Agility, Defense and Attack all are at max for their level then they're max rarity creatures or what we'll refer to them as Holo-max.

These stats can adjust over time based on how you level the creatures up, though. A creature starting off as "Epic", i.e. 15% off max stats can become Legendary or even Holo-max if trained correctly, or they can lose some rarity if trained incorrectly.

These stats of each wild creature you encounter won't be shown unless you capture them within a card.

hmmm this is interesting. and some of these stats we can actually select which one to add or will it just auto add based on their nature and stuff like pokemon does? is this the part where u refer to as training correctly so training the correct stats

I see that's interesting so even a common creature can become legendary am i reading this right.

It is inspiring to see how events are taking turns in the Holozing ecosystem. I am personally inspired and really putting finishing touches on a marketing package that'll get more eyes offline into the game.

I see a game that'll become more physical as humans can relate with all these items and tools in our daily lives and profession.

Cheers to the new releases. Waiting for the packs release. I've got to stack my bags so I can gather as much.

I see $ZING at $0.1 before its first anniversary.

Not much to say.. But I am beginning to feel it.. Holozing is going to be fire. The best time to FOMO into the game is not, if you have missed out on the earnings so far, position yourself to be ahead at game play.

no need to fomo, plenty of ways to enter it safely without much risk/cost such as hp delegations and before you know it there'll be more ways to earn it when it's launched!

I am currently at 4k zing and that’s not enough. I need to be in the top 100holders it will be a dream and something to hustle towards when the airdrop period is done. Thanks for the guidance. Let me go and beef up on what’s already there

As always fantastic art work and these assets will have different abilities at different levels? Are we going to have the level upgrades with such assets?

No not really, you'll want to trade them out for other ones at higher levels as their stats will stay the same.

@craizuss ! This is just unreal! These look fantastic, and I'm happy you're on this team. Can't wait to see what else you all have in store for us.

Wow,these gadgets are really futuristic.

That gun looks real cool 😎. The holo color is better. I've gotten a goal now, when the game starts properly,I will target that gun.. hehe

Craizuss is doing a wonderful job.
Credit should be given to him.
Pistols and gloves are the best of the lot.
Amazing artwork as expected from you people.
I love the way you are progressing.
Keep up the good work.

These look great!
Can't wait until I have some more time to spend on these posts. :D

wow, looking very cool indeed! I especially like the 'zing' branding on the gun! :)

and the last pic!


The set of items is cool: glove, cap, and weapon; the hologram effect that comes out of the glove is very eye-catching. I liked them a lot. Congratulations, they are great.


How great to have new additions to the Holozing collections. The capture device and healing gloves are very beautiful. It can only get better.

sheesshh thats so cool! another great design IMHO 😎

This is another surprised revelation coming through. This items will doing a perfect job without missing a target. I trust the characters. Welldone Holozing.

Looking good !!!

They are all cool devices especially the capturing device. And one of the good things about it is it won't be limited to certain classes but be available to all classes. Thanks for writing.

Everything looks amazing. Many congratulations on the creativity and time you are taking for this. You keep impressing us more and more. I also like the way you present the capture device.

Guns with different skins could be such a cool Counter strike vibe :)

gloves will have skins too :)

Artwork so far is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!

Wow!!! Pretty healing gloves and capture device. I have loved everything about the holozing community because it all looks perfect both the images and their reward system smiles.

Congrats on your designs @craizuss I'm looking forward to seeing the project in action. When can we see some evil creatures? 😈

I'm not handling the creature part, but I believe it will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!😈

Wow These are amazing. Holozing keeps revealing beautiful new items. I love the healing gloves and capturd device they are beautiful. Welldone @craizuss

A bold move with the guns. :)

laser beam is harmless to humans :p

Points laser gun at his eyes.



Hehe the graphics are looking cool! Thanks for the update!

Wow this is so nice and beautiful I love how beautiful the devices looks.

vaya sera un poco extraño dispararles a los bichos para capturarlos ja ja ja espero no matar ninguno en el proceso :p excelent idea , i like :3

Awesome work @craizuss . I love the idea of using gun to capture the creature .


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This is really an interesting new update and item and this will make the game more adventure

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Ammo with stats! I like it.

You are really amazing, what am seeing each day motivates me the more

This initiative is good and it will help to push the game forward

Everyone is very excited for this game and the way updates are coming slowly, people's interest is increasing more and more, we will see it become famous all over the world in no time.

Green color capture device/gun and capture ammo is looking very cool in my eyes.
The beauty of gloves touched my heart. I liked the design very very much. I am impressed.

From the healing gloves, capture device and ammo are so great, this game is becoming more interesting than I ever think of, kudus to all the holozing team. I love their ways of thinking. And a big kudus to @craizuss for the beautiful work.

We would await for more updates, thanks and good luck 🤞

Good communities, greetings. Very good job, adding a laser or aimer to the gun is great.
which makes it more precise. Keep going with this great project.