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Holo everyone!

Today we wanted to show you a new addition to our website!

We've added a Fan Art tab to showcase the amazing Hive community to visitors


Check it out here:


First of all, a massive thank you to everyone interested in Holozing. While we haven't gone through all the fanart created to date, as there's been A LOT, we'll make sure to include some of our favorite ones over time and new ones coming in. Our devs made it super easy for us curators to add new additions regularly! We also have plans to separate it over time based on the art format, such as digital and crafting/knitting/etc.

The community is the most important aspect behind anything online and we're not just proud but super appreciative of ours here on Hive and want to make sure the world knows about it. Visitors coming to Holozing will easily be able to see all the recent fanart selected by us and to check out the artists by clicking on their username or the specific artwork post by clicking on the image.

There are a lot of games and projects out there and while Hive is just a small part of the global crypto space, there's no community like ours. We believe that our community will set apart our dapps, games and projects a lot through the layer 1 reward mechanism and the social aspect connecting us through a combined ecosystem like no other.

It's quite crazy that our game, which is yet to be released, has more fanart than we've seen in other games of other chains that have existed for years. With that, we want to thank the community once again and hope you're all as excited as we are about what's to come!

Let us know what you think about this addition!

(some early comments about this addition by a few lucky birds who got to know about it beforehand in our Discord)

<jijisaurart: Nisuu!👏>
<Julsdraws: it looks awesome also it inspires artist to strive to improve really>
<TAKURI (REBORN!): Yooooooooo>

Stay tuned by following us on Hive @holozing

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Great addition to the site that showcase the amazing art made by this very passionate community.

PS! Forgot to mention, we will be leaving comments with the @zing.fanart account to the artworks we add to the website as an alert and a way for artists if they for any reason don't want to be on there to let us know through that account or another mean to be taken down just in case.

Receiving a comment from this account must be very encouraging. What a great idea!

pretty cool to have a fanart tab IMHO. I'll say it again "it inspires artist to strive to improve really"

i agree

also it inspires artist to strive to improve really

also it inspires artist to strive to improve really (2) 🤣

true but don't forget how not only does it inspire artists to improve but also really

Very grateful to @Acidyo and @Holozing who have appreciated fanart from hive artists and included it on their website, as an artist in the hive community I am very happy with this award😊

I can see the activeness in this community and that is as a result of interested and passionate members who are eagerly waiting for the games to be launched and also having an interest in Holozing. A community with serious members will thrive and that is what is happening here on Hive. Kudos to the contributors in the community 👏

beautiful illustrations :D

Greetings friend, congratulations on this new site and without a doubt it is a very good, wonderful space and above all being able to appreciate the art and the great talent that exists in the community in an easier and simpler way, where things go for an excellent . I walk and you can see that the commitment and excitement for everything to turn out is very great. We have to continue working and betting everything on this game.

I have just tested it and I think it looks great. The first selections have been very accurate, they are outstanding in the digital field. That will be a good way to relate to each other and keep the enthusiasm going. Regards

This is really a massive development and I am glad to see. The art work update is great

This is such a wonderful space, congratulations to the @holozing team, you're doing great and I hope to support any way I can!

I think it's an excellent idea, there is plenty of talent in the community!

Excelente idea.
It is a way to appreciate the quality of artists within the community. ✨️

It's pretty cool to spotlight fanart, I don't think I've seen any other web3 game do it straight on the web page :-)

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Thats is amazing, but is there no room in this space for fanart that are not drawings per se? Like sculptures and other artistic expressions? It would be great...

yes as we mentioned in the post we have plans to split it up in different sections in the near future :)

Yes, I read it. But I was left with the doubt... everything separated by art style? Like... a section for drawings, a section for crafts, another section for textiles?

Because you could think of a museum, where different works of art are grouped in a room regardless of their style... like a big room with a lot of varied art...

There I throw the idea hahaha it could also be another menu with a mix of everything, in addition to each section separately.

Still this is beautiful, it really is.

Hi! I would like to draw a fanart, can I publish it here in the communnity? Thanks in advance 💙

for sure!

Sweet! Btw, I heard @acidyo loves bot commands !!!

!pimp !dhedge

oh AI, you're not taking over fast enough

It is definitely nice addition to Game site and it will attract more people to it
Those are awesome pieces there... 😍😍

This is a fabulous idea, and a way to quickly enjoy all the art maded in the community.

What a brilliant idea!

There really is some amazing artwork coming out of this project. Looking forward to seeing the game play!

Wow, the art is really cool! It's great that people in the community can participate in the development of the game in many ways!

The @holozing community is doing a great job and we really appreciate it.
Accepting fan art from hive artists and adding it to your website shows that you appreciate the hard work of everyone,
Am eager to see the game launched !!❤️

Oh! that's great. It's even a great way to encourage artists to see their art displayed on the official Holozing website. This is a gift.

This looks cool! Maybe others can mint it, and others can buy this fan art too?


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Wow, amazing to see artist hardwork and dedication towards #holozing .... i wish to be part of fanart...

That 's a great idea and new opportunities to participate and to interact in the community. ♥️💪

Great addition. A fan art NFT marketplace as the next step? 🙂 Another use case for ZING and POSH? 🙂

You know you're an adult when you read it as Holo Fart.

The community is doing such an amazing job with Holozing fanart, it all looks sooooo good.

I love the focus you have on the community! Building a solid community is as much important as creating a well-packed game, and often even more!

It is really amazing and a wonderful work been put in place to see this community progress and I appreciate every part of it.

aha that looks great, thanks for the update. 😍


Amazing guys! I’m liking the game even more. Thanks to all the artists who have been sharing their incredible work!

They look very impressive. I can't wait to play the game.

Awesome idea!!! thank you so much for this.

How great is it that there is fan art for a game that is not even being beta tested yet?!? Speaks volumes for the community here, the potential for this platform to be a fertile platform for all web3 games, and a good team involving people in the launch of a game in true decentralized fashion.

Amazing things to come and I feel privileged to have been involved from the start for once!


Interesting addition, the artist are amazing and it's cool to have a fan art tab. Artist get on!

This is a very good idea. Many successes in this project

Esta es una muy buena idea. Muchos éxitos en este proyecto.

Some works are really impressive. HIVE is a place of very talented people. You can't think of a better community to start a crypto game

Today when I checked the official Holozing website I got a pleasant surprise, and I said to myself, sometime, when I draw better, maybe I will appear there.

Well done @Holozing team

This is a great idea that inspires artists to get better and better, congratulations for this great addition.

They look great in a gallery. All beautiful. 😊

Wow, all are good, but this one just stood out to me..


Digital only? Nah, you guys have to show off my fantastic handmade creations hahaha.

Excellent addition that you have made, it will surely allow other artists to be interested in knowing more about what it is about, good window.

Impressive development. It is thrilling to see how hard the community is rallying around the Holozing game. It can only get better.

With the influx of users and hopeful visits to the page, do you consider having an adsintegration.

I'm glad to see such great development and art made by many talented people.

There's a bunch of talented people here.

Congrats, folks!

Awww.... I loved the new edition to the website. I am super honored to be one of the first added. This reminds me a lot of the college honor roll. What a thrill!

On the other hand, thank you very much for supporting my content. Happy Night Holo!

Holozing Up!

Yey! Super like! 💖


There are 2 pages