More Starter items reveal!

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Hello future healers!

In this post we'll be revealing some more starter item designs created by our amazing artist @craizuss! We recently published an (unoffocial) post about the starter items and what you can expect when opening up a "pack" (it won't be packs) if you missed it and want to read a little bit about them and the thoughts behind them.

We already revealed some of the backpacks in this post, here's the rest of them:

backpack design compilation.png

With a growing rarity from uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary to Holo, you'll be able to get some for your healers during the starter sale. While they won't have much use case in the beginning of beta, they will surely be crucial with the release of the world of Zing as carrying too many items in your hands makes it difficult to capture wild creatures!

Now onto some new items we haven't revealed yet!

You know what else is difficult? Getting to far away places through rough terrains to find wild creatures. That will be made easier and swifter with your very own Alpha-themed Holozing Bicycle which will match perfectly with the rest of your healer class gear!

forest bicycles.png

light bicycles.png

ocean bicycles.png

Now if you get lucky, you'll be able to ride in true style and with a couple extra gears in this:

ocean bicycles holo.png

If you get even luckier, you'll be hovering over your competition in this baby:

light hover board holo.png

All that biking and hovering about will surely make you hungry and thirsty, and you gotta think about your creatures too!

The starter sale will prepare you on your journey with Healer food, Creature food and Water!


creature food.png


If you've been on a roll and don't want to quit for the day but your mana and ability moves are running low, we'll have just what you need!

Mana Potions & Mana Elixirs

blue potion.png

greenish potion.png

Hope you like the reveals and are just as excited as us to start healing up your creatures and capture new ones. In the next post we'll be revealing the starter Healing gloves and a starter Capturing device you've never seen before. Illustrated to perfection by our very talented artist @craizuss while it was just a very badly sketched idea in our minds.

Get ready to Zing!

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Bicycles are out of this world. That sleek "Z" drawn from end to end is phenomenal. Congratulations to the whole team. These elements really excite us... Regards @holozing

was waiting for someone to notice!

Cool...! 🤣 Maybe because I ride a bicycle and I detailed that design very well. It looks great...🙌

Yuuh new items looks amazing! Looks like @craizuss did huge work for it! By the way this flying board reminds flight board from Back to the future movie ))👍

This is just the perfect game.

At this point, I can not wait to get my console this game. Please fast forward everything and let's get to the part where I'm playing already.

I feel the same way! :D

Greetings friend, congratulations for all the work you are doing and little by little discovering things about the game, where it is incredible to have these means of transportation and in that way launch ourselves into the adventure and search for many things in the game. I also liked the style it has and a very futuristic touch, I definitely have to try it as well as the other things they are revealing, since every adventure needs food and various tools. So we kept working and collecting the tokens.

That hoverboard :)


Sheeesh, @craizuss, the details in the art are really impressive. You guys are branding @holozing beautifully, and the entire build-up is well-prepared. I love that it's reminiscent of Pokemon but has its own theme and uniqueness.

What an amazing update. I am really craving to lay my hands on this game as soon as it is finally launched. Great job so far from the Holozing team 💪

@craizuss is doing an amazing job: all these items are so good looking and well crafted!

Spectacular designs!, congratulations @craizuss

I think what I like the most about each artwork reveal of the game is that the designs look coherent, you can tell that the artist not only has good skills but also a great sensibility, and that's so important!

Each piece has the same aesthetic and inspires me the same feelings of cleanliness but not sterility, it makes me think that the Healers really manage a technology that cares about taking care of their creatures in a top way uwu)b ✨

Excellent! I love the new Items, your design is adorable and very futuristic.

Just one question. Can I be a light healer with a sea bag and legendary skateboard? In such a case, how would it affect the effectiveness of the healer and the creatures?

Those items look so good! The Z bikes are a nice touch, although I am wondering how the front tires work with that setup haha. The brake and handle even look like antlers/horns. And that bento looks so delicious. That hoverboard looks futuristic, but I can't imagine how much it will cost. Seeing these really hype me up.

although I am wondering how the front tires work with that setup haha.

xD I wanna say: magnets.

I can already see my healers on that beautiful bicycle with miu miu on the shoulder :)

I want all these items!
Nice artworks!

Greetings to all, this is really great and so exciting, every time they show us a pack of new things they are so fascinating that it makes you want to have the game ready already. I'm not much of a gamer, but with this one since I'm here I must learn and immerse myself in this excitement along with many people. Looking forward to it. A thousand successes... ✨

All the intens are great, especially the bikes, everything has a nice contrast of style and I congratulate the designer.

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Wow I really like every of this items it so nice and beautiful.

Cool bikes. And quite a lot of updates. It will be very interesting to start the game.

Cool! I didn't expect the game to have bicycles.
The graphics look really nice! I'm really looking forward to this game!

You guys hired the right person to design these. Those cycles look badass. Well done @craizuss 👏.

Will there be any new creature reveals soon?

yes very soon :D

One word: Fantastic


holozing, shiftrox sent you LUV. 🙂 (1/4) tools | trade | connect | daily

Made with LUV by crrdlx.

Great effort by the Holozing team to craft such beautiful images. Bicycle images remind me of my childhood memories.
You, people, deserve appreciation.
Thumbs-up for you.
We are waiting anxiously for the launch of this game.
Your team is truly professional and this project would be revolutionary for the world of web3 games.

I really got carried away seeing all these new starter items at once, man I am overwhelmed! The bicycle and board look so futuristic! ..and yes I noticed the 'Z', salute the designer behind this!

Starter sale WEN?

late this month according to current estimates!

Wow amazing item reveal 🎊🎊🎊🎊

nice illustrations i like it the box with food :)

Everything is great. As a student I would like to have one of those bags.

This is really cool. The new items looks pretty cool. We are moving. HoloZing to the moon.

Wow the this look amazing. I love it. Weldone

Pinta bien este 👌 gran juego.

Love all those pretty items 😍

This is so beautiful I always have this feeling that this holozing project gonna be real good and the game will be one of it's kind we all are awaiting it's lunch .


oh wow! those bikes and board looks so cool! NICE!

Wow, it turns out there are also bicycles, their designs are extraordinary.

Now im wondering how big was the map . to move one place to another place with bicycle is an awesome idea .

Artwork looks amazing!
Keep up the great work!

I love the lunch box for lunch, especially how the wrapped food is presented. Congratulations to the creative team.

Wow! the holozing bicycle looks awesome.
Thanks for revealing these items, waiting for the sale eagerly.

You have done a good job publishing it, thanks for telling this.
A lot of things come out while opening the pack.

Wow 😲 look so beautiful and it's cool and I like your shading and thanks for sharing @holozing

The items give me a lot of POKEMON GO vibes (with the artwork style).

I love the shines and the reflection details.

sheeshh so cool! specially that hoverboard! moving from places to places with it feels your like a main character in a game!

😅 A bike and a backpack for me, well and the food and the elixir.. hahaha.... looking forward to this. Everything is beautiful. Great artwork!

That bicycle look 🔥

Excellent work done by @craizuss


This is going to be epic!! Can't wait

I am loving the update that is been rolled out daily. The game is going places

Wow! More cool starter packs revealed, my eagerness for the launch date doubles now😩

I love all the new items! It looks exciting and amazing. I'm getting more excited about this game. 🙌

Looking good! I like that Z is being incorporated seamlessly in the designs!

the art is amazing! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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